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Murt aka William K. Murtaugh is a person who I call a delusional bully. Why? Well other than his perceived stalkers and death threats, he seems to target a now well known blogger who assisted with the exposure of The Big Red Rape case of Stubenville, Ohio. Why is he targeting her? Only he can answer that question. My view as an outsider looking in, he’s jealous of her. She’s been on CNN, The Rosanne Radio Show and other places giving interviews about the fact that she was the first one (from outside Steubenville)  to start the investigation of the rape case and the attempt to protect the players of The Big Red Football team. Shes the one who found the Tweets, and the Instagram photo posted on the account of Cody Saltsman. An alleged ex boyfriend of the victim. 

He also has an obsession with other bloggers and targets women in particular. It makes me wonder, does he have something against women in general? Is this ALL because of a case that ended almost 2 years ago? He had an obsession with The Casey Anthony Murder case, AND tried to insert himself into the case as “a reporter.” Those who challenged him, faced his wrath!

I will continue in the coming days to show his delusional behavior. He perceives ANYONE who disagrees with him as “a stalker.” He also accuses Anonymous as a “Terrorist group” and that he’s receiving death threats. Being involved and seeing those tweets he thinks are death threats, just aren’t.


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  1. Japonia…

    Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (Molier) twierdził że, Gdy kobieta odmawia miłości, a proponuje ci przyjaźń, nie bierz tego za…

  2. What you did not bother to do was do file a follow up report. After extensive discussions with Anonymous members, I complied with their request only after they threatened to publish a DOX of me that included my Social Security numberand other financial information. One promise the Anonymous members made was to work to get the others to quite defaming Me which was behind this issue in the beginning. For quite a long time I complied and did not mention any of them. In spite of this, they kept up their attacks. One anon SteveTheDope even had a thorough background check done of me and found no criminal record.
    Also NO anonymous called the law enforcement sources I supplied to verify the stalking and attacks against me.
    Not only that but they are also attacking my girlfriend who was raped and molested as a child by her neighbors. My attackers know this fact but go after her anyway.
    Since then several Anonymous members have come forward and stated I was an innocent victim of an unwarranted doxing. In spite of all of this, the dox of me remains and those who unfairly attacked me remains unpunished.
    This is why I have issues with Anonymous. They attack innocent people for no reason and without doing correct research.

  3. Murt, if our agreement was not kept by others I personally apologize. I had every intention and expectation that it would be. As for going after your Lady, I agree, not fair game.

  4. Yep, I saw that; damn shameful. We know who that is. The behavior of pieces of shit like that doesn’t give us a reason to descend to their level though. If Murt’s lady was not attacking us she should not be targeted.

    I helped broker the agreement with Murt. I had hoped it would stand. Only reason I’m posting here is to say I’m sorry it didn’t.

    Like everything I say, all this is my opinion only.


    • It is time for the REST of the story here. I was not attacking the rape victim. “Someone” started attacking me using the twitter name M2KFLA. What is interesting about this is that I have an account on twitter, M2KFL. This is also an AOL account I have had for over 13 YEARS! M2KFL@aol.com

      Most of the conversation between me and that person was not so much about her being a rape victim but about why her account name was so close to mine and why is she accusing me of being a rapist defender.

      She told me that she had a motor vehicle vanity tag issued with that letter number combination. Now what I did do was contact EVERY state and Canadian province to see if there was a tag issued with that letter combination. This was done through the PUBLIC vanity tag request website that each of these places have. It does NOT give out any REGISTRATION information ie: owner name and address, etc. It turns out that NOWHERE in North America is there a tag designation issued with that letter number combination. Check it yourself. The person also sent me rather disturbing comments to my blog which has a way for me to see the ip address of who is sending the comments. I checked with my local law enforcement who told me such comments constituted harassment and that I should contact whoever owns that ip address first .

      What I DID do was call the University of Akron Campus Police as well as the IT department of the institution. I explained my problem and gave them the IP number and they verified that it was one that was at an administrative office of the college .

      At the time this was done, I did NOT know the name of the person behind the M2KFLA account. I also did not know the person behind the “DJ” account either. I had always thought the person was a college student in her late teens or twenties.

      Imagine my surprise when someone sent me the photo from the rally and the name of someone I have had problems with for over 5 years. I then posted the photo WITH NO COMMENT on my twitter. It was at this point that Anonymous got involved with the threats and dox levied towards me.

      I went ahead and removed the photo from my twitter log. In spite of this, I have been threatened with a lawsuit for something I DID NOT DO and am seeing my character smeared by this person over and over again on Twitter and various blogs.

      Now, I was under the impression that Anonymous was out for the truth and did not attack INNOCENT victims. So far that impression has not been correct.

      IF the person goes ahead with her lawsuit, I will have over 200 pages of evidence to show how frequently she lies and switches loyalties. I also have an e-mail where she says “Prinnie must die.” that I will also produce in court.

      I would suggest you Anons do your homework of just who it is that you are taking the word of. You might find out you have been taken for fools.


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