Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


Comments on: "Screen Shot of A False Accusation. The whole “defense fund” Tweets were a joke." (1)

  1. I want to say there is no defense fund for Prinnie. A couple if us were joking around with Prinnie that night because we knew Murt and his hags were reading and posting tweets that night about a couple of people that they stalk. One was a lady named KP and the other was Levi Page along with Prinnie. All 3 have been harassed by Murt and McGreggorsback Someone jokingly tweeted that Kp was selling fried tomatoes to raise money. That is when I tweeted something about the defense fund and posted how KP’s fried green tomatoes helped push the defense fund ove $1 mil. Throughout the night I jokingly posted updated on this pretend fund.
    The whole time we knew Murt was watching our posts. We knew he might post about this fake fund when he saw it .

    I deleted those posts right away. What I don’t understand is how Murt screenshot that comment because he is blocked from my twitter page.

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