Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


This is Jill Watkins. Proud Steubenville resident.

Where do I begin with Dr. Phil today? Important Points Made

*Dr. Phil makes an important point. Why is there no empathy for the victim?

*Malik’s lawyer has put in a change of venue request AND a request to close the courtroom to the public

*Malik’s lawyer says the video of Michael Nodianos was not taken the night of the alleged rape

*Jino Watkins says he believes the victim was drunk and afraid to tell her parents what happened.

*When Dr. Phil asked how Michael Nodianos knows such great details about the rape if he wasn’t there? Malik’s lawyer responded he saw the tweets, and pictures and made the video as his sense of humor.

*Dr. Phil’s BEST point: Why is it ok (with the community) for kids to go to parties with underage drinking, and drunk driving? Where are the parents?

*About the alleged April rape- Steubenville PD was notified on Labor Day, BCI and Ohio AG’s office took it over. It’s still being investigated.

*Abdalla says his. Deputites collected 3 phones, and a BCI crime scene analyst went out to one of the homes the rape had occured at. No evidence of a cover-up.


Jill Watkins comes out saying her son has nightmares a masked gunman is going to shoot up the school. Jill also says while the schools were on lockdown kids were in “tents, puking, and peeing on themselves.” I have found ZERO evidence of this Her sons being judged for standing up for his friends. (Jino feels it was “out of character for malik and trent to rape someone”)

*She then basically called the victim a liar and jumped all over Robin Sax. (Lawyer and former prosecutor)

Love this quote- “Nothing positive about turning your back on the victim.” Dr Phil

Talk to your kids before they get themselves into that situation. (Underage drinking, rape etc)

Steubenville is a good town, with lots of pride. This shouldn’t ruin malik, trent or michael’s lives. Have ownership and be held accountable. -Dr. Phil

My Thoughts and Opinion on the show

Jill is uneducated, loud and angered me a great deal because she blamed the victim and she lied on national TV.

Its great to love your town and have pride, its another to go on national TV and misrepresent facts.

Dr. Phil has a legal obligation to say alleged because Trent and Malik haven’t been convicted yet, but it was WAY too defense heavy.

It also angered me Dr. Phil didn’t give Robin Sax more time to get her points across before Jill started yelling over her!

If Eddie Wilson (who in the past has threatened to shoot protestors from his car) wasn’t involved, why the hell was he there? It was pointless!

Jino is blaming the victim. Like mother like son.

Dr. Phil praised prinniefied.com for starting the ball rolling so to speak, but should’ve given her more time to talk about facts, why she felt the rape was being covered up, and address certain rumors others are starting about making money off this case.

BELIEVE ME when I say I’m not done speaking about Jill Watkins. Shes angered me, and probably alot of rape victims out there with her ignorant comments.

More info on today’s show can be found on Dr. Phil Show’s site


More info

UPDATE-Jill in action!

Comments on: "Jill Watkins on Dr Phil Today" (3)

  1. I only saw the end of the show. I found it funny how Jill all of a sudden commented she feels sorry for the victim ONLY after someone mentioned how she blamed the victim.

  2. I think Jill is a joke, and all she wanted was a free ticked to the show! She’s a welfare mom and tryin to live thru her son and all his friends, that’s why she just knows they didn’t do it! How can she say that? She wasn’t there!!!!

  3. Alchemist said:

    From what I saw of the program, Jill came across a a crazed loon, and based on the viewer comments, many viewers from all over the globe (many of whom were loyal, long-term viewers) questioned why Jill and her son Jeno were on the program in the first place. Indeed, many of these loyal viewers were turned-off, even disgusted by the one-sided nature of the program, how it was so perpetrator-friendly.

    You know, it was only after Jill Watkins was arrested for DUI (she is going on trial 2013-04-10, and Jane Hanlin is her defense counsel) that I realized that Jill has an alcohol problem. That might explain some of her crazed outbursts on Dr. Phil.

    This was also before Jeno’s text messages to light — on Dr. Phil’s program, he could act all innocent, and said that he didn’t think that his friends could act that way, but the text messages read aloud into evidence in court clearly showed that he was fully aware of what was going on that night.

    Trent Mays to Gino Atkins: Spaz on her for me, bro, please

    Gino Atkins: Did anyone f*ck her?

    Trent Mays: Nope

    Trent Mays: Me fingered her. That’s about it.

    Gino Atkins: F*ck that bitch

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