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With so much violence going on in Oakland, California, why is Mayor Jean Quan attending President Obama’s Inaguration?


One day after Mayor Jean Quan declared Oakland was in an “ongoing state of emergency” she jetted off to Washington D.C. where she will be attending President Obama’s Inaguration.
The trip includes a meeting with The US Conference of Mayors (SF Mayor Ed Lee will also be in attendence) plus the festivities leading up to President Obama’s swearing in.

She said she hopes to gain more assistance from the Federal Government to assist Oakland with its ongoing violence. (15 shot in one weekend)

A minister said it best: “Wow, the city is on fire and she’s going to Washington,” Bishop
Robert Jackson of the Acts Full Gospel Church, said. “I don’t know what good it will do meeting with people unless you have a plan, and anyone can see the city doesn’t
have one.”

Mayor Quan has said they looked into declaring a state of emergency, but Oakland didn’t qualify.

“We have been acting as if it was a state of emergency for a while,”
Quan said later at the East
Oakland news conference. “Each time I have asked the governor
for additional Highway Patrol support, he has given it to us.”

That’s fine and all Mayor, meanwhile Oakland violence seems to be increasing.

Mayoral spokesman Sean
Maher said Quan hoped to have conversations in D.C. with federal officials to explore how the city
could “partner up” with them (Federal Government) on the
crime problem.
Maher, however, said he didn’t know what meetings the mayor
had scheduled.

Sounds fishy…


Comments on: "Why is Mayor Quan Traveling To Washington D.C.?" (2)

  1. Sounds like the Mayor is going to DC to schmooz with the politicians and get more money instead of staying in her city and helping to solve the problem. It didn’t help that California government had thousands of criminals released from prisons because of budget cuts. Idiots all of them.

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