Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

I was tweeted a link to this letter to the editor.





After reading this, I wonder is Jane taking the heat, so-to-speak over the Big Red Rape Investigation?

Well, let’s see:
*Before turning the case over to the Ohio’s AG’s Office, she had the case for 2 weeks. She decided to turn it over only after her son was implicated as part of The Rape Crew.

*Is it a coincidence that her husband is a detective where? No other than Steubenville P.D.

*The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office collected 3 cell phones. One of them had pictures of the victim, Trent Mays. BCI investigators said when pictures are deleted, the operating system can’t recover deleted media. Well, according to what I’ve read, its a bunch of bull. I’ve also heard DOJ offered technical assistance with this.Is it a coincidence that the BCI investigator is also friends with Hanlin?

*Hanlin now has a “spokesman.” Who was her lawyer during her divorce case? No other than her “spokesman” Frank Bruzzese.

*Jane served on the Steubenville School Board with Bruzzese’s wife.

*With so many attachments to this case, why did it take her so long to reccuse herself?

*Jane worked in Frank’s law firm before she became the D.A.

Is Jane a scape goat? Well, some of her actions were considered unethical.

Maybe Jefferson County needs to think about it before re-electing her.


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