Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

Reading another blog, I found this. Why is Lee Stranahan the “white knight” of Steubenville all the sudden?

My opinion: He’s exploiting this case for his own fame. He’s a hypocrite.

Yesterday I saw him tweet this:


1- All rape is brutal. Some more  physical and others more emotional. Sometimes it’s both physical and emotional!

2- I have it in good knowledge Lee’s visit to Steubenville was either paid for by Frank Bruzzese or one of the defense attorneys.

3- Over and over Lee has not stood up for Jane Doe. Reading his tweets it looks like he supports the defendants.

So, Steubenville before you call Lee your savior for truth, check his motives.

Is Frank funding Lee Stranahan?

Thank you to @4_freespeech for the screen shot.

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