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The Real Lee Stranahan

This is proof for the masses. Stranahan is into BDSM. So, why is he so involved in a rape case? Stranahan’s not into getting the truth out, and when he’s questioned on his motives, he goes into victim mode.


This is an email on his interest in “Amateur models.”

Here are some screen shots on his interests.
After confronted about his interests by a person with the twitter name @catsrimportant he decided to call it art.



So, he’s calling it “female art sluts” now.

“Catsrimportant confronted Lee on how he used the term “sluts.” Lee Stranahan makes a mental leap from using the term “sluts” to “BDSM”. I take this to mean Lee can’t distinguish and thinks women are all sluts, regardless of sexual kink. As you can see by his statements above, Lee Stranahan yawns off his past statements as “something I said 12 years ago” and makes no apologies or retractions for the statement.”

So, does Steubenville think Lee Stranahan is their white knight of truth? Why would he care about a young 16 year old girl who was raped if he can’t distinguish what’s porn and what’s art?

Update- Thanks to a nice twitter friend here’s a link to more of Lee’s “art.” deviantart.com

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