Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

Melissa Duprez ranted and raved about people she calls Bully Crew questioning the credibility of Murt’s live-in girlfriend (suddenly after months of calling the Steubenville Jane Doe a whore and she deserved it because of the way she dressed) announcing she was raped.

Well scroll down a bit and what is she doing? Oh that’s right questioning the credibility of a rape victim who spoke at the Steubenville January 5th rally for Jane Doe!


Screen Shots in Order









Why Melissa Duprez I do say these are pretty hypocritical statements..doncha think?



Comments on: "The Hypocrisy Of Melissa Duprez AKA Big Bombshell Author" (8)

  1. I wonder if Melissa had been the one who was raped, would she be announcing it to all the people she chats or tweets with on the internet? Probably Not! I never knew that If I didn’t disclose being raped to people on the internet ( or at least to Melissa and her friends) that I would be considered a liar. Besides it really is no one’s business but mine.

    When I first heard what happened to Jane Doe, I felt horrible that she had to go through something like this. I knew what she was going through. I know what it is like to have people not believe you. You see my rapist who is a relative, told me he would make sure that no one would believe me. He told me he would tell people that I caused it to happen. He also told me if I say anything he would kill me. Being 15, I was scared to death. Rapists do this in order to show control.

    First of all, I asked KY Anonymous if I could speak at the rally a week before. He had no idea what I was going to say. I wanted to do this because I wanted Jane Doe to know she is not alone. My speech was not planned. As I stood up there and looked out at the people, all I could think of is that I wanted JD to see there are more people just like me that have been raped or sexually abused.

    You see most rape victims do not like to talk about what happened. Most victims of rape feel like it is their fault or they did something to cause it even though we did nothing. I had to talk most of those women into telling their stories because for some it was the first time they have ever told ANYONE about what happened. You see victims of rape don’t like to talk about what happened to them. We don’t announce to the world we are a victim of rape. WE try to FORGET what happened. Some victims turn to alcohol, drugs, cutting themselves, and suicide just to FORGET. We may forget for awhile, but one day in the future when we least expect it, we will be reminded again about what happened. It is like being raped all over again. This is what they call PTSD.

    Even though I owe no one an explanation, I want to explain about the comment about talking to the therapist. First of all I do talk to the Therapist one on one Melissa. That isn’t what I said. I said I had a hard time talking to the psychologist about the rape. You see it iis like reliving the rape all over because I have to talk about all the details of what happened. I was brutally raped over a three year period Melissa. Part of my therapy is reliving what happened. That really is not an easy thing to do even if it was 30 years ago.

    I really have to say thay you Melissa aka Pudds aka BringItAlready and your friends lovmyck, judicious1_ aka ImaFrenchModel, McGreggorsback, and Murt are the biggest bullies on the internet. It is people like you that are responsible for the people that have committed suicide because of how they were bullied by someone.

    I hope you are really proud of yourself for calling someone that is a rape victim, a liar. Do you feel better Melissa. What would your husband and Children think? Would they be proud of you Melissa Duprez? The same goes to your friends! Are you happy that you called a rape victim a liar?

    Do you realize what that does to someone suffering PTSD? It re-traumatizes the victim. I have been working with a psychologist for 2 years now. Dealing with the trauma of a rape takes years before the victim feels comfortable again. Even if it was 30 years ago. Thanks to you and all your friends MELISSA you may have caused a setback. Thank Goodness I have support of good friends on the internet and in real life to help me not let you get to me.

    One of these days Melissa you are going to bully someone who may not have the support system I have. Because of your actions Melissa you may end up causing the death of someone just because you think it is funny. Laugh now Melissa because your days of bullying and calling someone’s place of employment are soon going to be over with.
    I don’t threaten Melissa, I take action and you are soon going to see that I do not LIE!

  2. I am rather curious about something. I suffered dearly at the hands of Anonymous to have the photo that appears in this article removed from my twitter account. Now what do I find when I come here to read this article but the exact same photo?

    Just what the hell is going on here? Is there censorship of some kind to determine just who it is that can or cannot publish photos of people at a public event? Something is certainly off kilter here.


    • No murt I asked her before using it. Before publishing I asked her if she wanted me to blur the face and she said no go ahead and publish it.
      I do believe you DID NOT ask permission before using her photo.
      Censorship? Hardly.

    • Like I said Murt, I asked her before posting the picture. That’s something you did not do. There’s the difference.

  3. I do believe this will and should be called, riding the bandwagon. Now this is my opinion.. If she has been undergoing therapy for this terrible crime committed against her as a child, then apparently she’s wasting her time paying for therapy. Why you ask, because it hasn’t helped her come to grips with this at all!! So, either change therapist, or come to the rational conclusion, this was not your fault, it was the fault of the assailant, and you can now go on with the rest of your life without the issues. And why would a family assailant come after her after thirty years, knows where she lives, knows everything about her, so what the crap? Is this for attention only??

    • How dare you come on MY blog and make accusations!? Do you know about rape? Should I explain the different responses women go thru after being assaulted. You are truely a disgusting human being!

  4. The Mrs. said:

    Speaking as a rape victim I can understand why she would be OK speaking at the rally and not at the therapist. I attended the first two rallies and I would of had no problem getting up and telling my story because there were so many people there that I knew would not think I did something to cause it to happen, they would of supported the fact that I was raped without the undercurrent of an accusatory attitude. In therapy, I don’t know about hers, I can only speak on my sessions but my therapist wants me to talk about it very thoroughly. Tearing apart ever aspect of what happened is hard to do. I don’t have a desire to feel the emotions I did while trapped by my rapist but you know my therapist thinks it is a good idea to bring up those feelings so she can teach me the tools to work through them, as she says. I too suffer from PTSD, I can’t really explain what that is like other than tell you I could be having the greatest day of my life and if a trigger presents itself then emotionally I’m thrown back into that moment. Giving a generalized account of my rape at a rally to support victims of rape is nowhere near the same thing. I didn’t choose to stand up there and share my story, reason being the man who raped me was not arrested, still lives in Steubenville, and is well known in the community. I have no interest in directing any of his attention towards myself, so I’ll just continue to live in my safe little corner of the world only publicly speaking out about it under the protection of anonymous blogging.
    Every woman and man handles rape differently so you can not say that someone wasn’t raped because they aren’t reacting the way you think they should be. The last thing a rape victim needs is someone telling them how to react.

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