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Disgusting People


I usually do not address the disgusting people like Murt or Melissa Duprez aka Big Bombshell, however recent comments by both are making me quite disgusted.

Below are examples

Melissa Duprez commenting on Donna.

She starts with accusations of Donna pimping out her children.




She mentions the point of her “blog.” Melissa, the point of your blog is to make up shit and crawl up Murt’s ass!


She goes on to again make accusations not proven by Any means (I haven’t found the tweets at all!)



Wait so you now claim Murt did what?



Questioning again the credibility of a RAPE VICTIM.

You’ve NEVER ignored your SO-CALLED bully crew! In fact your entire blog is full of false accusations, whining and bitching and oh yea questioning the health of other bloggers.


You Melissa are a disgusting human being. I hope Donna does sue your ass!



Comments on: "Disgusting People" (2)

  1. So So true!! These people are anything BUT anti-bullying advocates. They are bullies and stalkers!

  2. What an old Hag!

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