Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

Ok, so I had a conversation with some people after my last blog entry came out. The conversation was about EXACTLY what Melissa did. She took my personal tweets out of context and claims I was threatening her. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For example she claims this was a threat.


As you can see this is more mocking her than threatening.

ALSO she claims this is a threat


Well Melissa, I was actually speaking about how dumb you are to keep talking crap about a rape victim. She screen shoots everything you write about her, and well you keep going with questioning her rape, bothering her children, calling her work and just your overall stupidity just makes it easier for her lawyers to sue you for harassment.

Oh and this


Let me explain something to you dee dee dee Murt followers I don’t threaten. I am not violent and DO NOT believe in violence. I’m a complete pacifist when it comes to threatening and using a violent act to get a point across.

So, Melissa Duprez, you may be able to convince your dee dee dee readers of your so-called anti bullying blog, but I’ll always be right behind  to show you how dumb you are.

Bottom line you don’t get to me. Write about me. Talk about me. All the normal people do their research before drawing conclusions. Anyone with a brain could just go back and read my timeline. Genius.


Comments on: "The Continuing Stupidity Of Melissa Duprez" (1)

  1. NoNameIzMe said:

    You’re just the next victim of the “exposing cyber-bullies” activist. *rolls eyes* Her blog just pisses me off to look at. Can’t do it. I used to creep it to see what new “I’m a victim/Murt’s a victim” BS story was on that POS blog.

    THEN came the “questionable behavior”entry. Oh yeah right! Someone, a RAPE VICTIM, was “pimping out her daughters” to a perfect stranger!? Are you kidding me?!?! And you (bombshell) wonder why you catch so much grief? You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! I hope you’re getting sued for that one. I’d sue you if it were me you were talking about.

    THAT DID IT! I CAN NOT look at that perverted PIOUS piece of shit blog any longer. SMDH! Still pisses me off just thinking about it.

    As you know, Anonluverz, I was more than furious when I read that bullshit! Tried to comment on he POS blog, but either it wasn’t approved or WordPress was messed up. I was so pissed after reading that bullshit that I hadn’t been on twitter, or on-line period in many days. Decided to read some books for a change.

    That blog is always about “THOSE bullies”need to be stopped.” “Now look at what THOSE bullies have done.” Well HELLO! Look in the mirror Ms Bombshell. YOU’RE the bully!

    It doesn’t take a mental giant to see that the ONLY purpose of that blog is so Ms Bombshell and her INSANE 5 followers (probably all her own alts) can bitch and moan unopposed. Am I getting warm girlfriend?

    My advice to “Melissa” or whoever the hell she is, is to fucking get over yourself. How healthy is it to have a blog and twitter account (LOCKED) just so you can obsess over your perceived enemies? I’d say not very healthy.

    Seriously “Melissa,” your life could be a lot better if you just stopped this bullshit. You bitch and you moan about other blogs or tweeters talking smack about you. But aren’t you just asking for it by blogging the shit that you do?

    If you’d just stop this insanity no one would have anything to say about you. But just like the screenshots you used, out of context I might add, makes you an easy target. Just like the screen shot above. “She makes it so easy.” Do you understand now Ms Bombshell? Probably not.

    Like I tweeted at you Madame that if you’re having to delete followers due to a mole among you leaking out your tweets, maybe it’s the context of your tweets and blog. Not the mole or traitor. I mean its just twitter right? My account is locked I have to admit. But I have it locked for another reason. I don’t care who reads my tweets. I don’t care if people retweet me. I’m just sick to death of you and your kind playing troll games and mass blocking to get tweeters suspended. How many times did you have SuperSteve suspended? I’ve got SSs of your bully blog hat say, “Say bye to Steve!” “Oh he’s back with another name! Bye bye Steve!” So tell me Ms Bombshell, how are you not a bully again? You confuse me.

    Madame Bombshell, do yourself a favor and just stop this craziness. I don’t know you. Only “of” you. You have quite the reputation you’ve made for yourself and it ain’t flattering. Don’t you understand what you do and blog is just making you look unstable? And like I said earlier…. your blog pisses ME off and I don’t know you or anyone personally! So if a perfect stranger is offended how do you figure it’s ok to blog badly about people by name? Whatever. I’m wasting my breath… er fingers here.

    Anywaaaay! It does make things interesting though and gives an unlimited supply of crazy material for others to blog about.

    AnonLoverz, thank you for this outlet! Phew!!! I feel better anyway.

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