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TAMPA, Fla. –

returned to the public eye Monday after about a year and a half since a jury found her not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter.

A judge ordered Anthony to attend a bankruptcy hearing with her creditors Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in Tampa.

Anthony arrived at court in a black SUV, wearing black hat and overcoat. Attorney Cheney Mason led her to the front doors while throngs of photographers snapped

A source close to the case told WESH 2 News that Cheney Mason was supposed to arrange a security detail to lead Anthony through a
hidden entrance. The arrangement was changed and she was walked through the front door instead.

The source said Anthony was crying and very upset after her arrival.

One protester yelled “baby-killer,” as she made her way into the federal courthouse.

Last week, the judge denied a request to move the bankruptcy case to Orlando.

In court, Anthony sat between her three lawyers and answered questions calmly to the bankruptcy trustee.

Anthony testified she only has $484 in cash to her name, and that since her acquittal, Jose Baez gave her $3,400. She also said that Baez had her participate in photographs in
September 2012 and then sold the photos.

Anthony said she has not had any movie, interview or book offers, although her lawyer Charles Greene said that she had offers three weeks ago.

During the 40-minute court session, it was revealed that the debt of $500,000 to Baez stems from an original retainer agreement with him, but she said she doesn’t believe she still owes him.

Anthony told the trustee, “I don’t pay rent. I don’t pay utilities. I live off the kindness of those I’m living with. I try to contribute when I can.”

She also told the court she had no car, no job and no diary.

The reason she decided to file for bankruptcy is because Anthony said there was delay in the trial with her and Gonzalez, and that she needed closure.

The session became tense when Zenaida Gonzalez’ attorney, Scott Shuker, turned the session into an apparent cross examination.

Shuker protested that Greene coached Anthony on what to say, and Greene responded, “Take a breath.”

“It’s not about taking a breath. What you are doing is improper,” said Shuker.

After the session, Shuker said that Anthony’s answers do not “pass the smell test.” He said his next step is to take a deposition of her.

Gonzalez’ attorneys said they oppose her want to discharge her debts.

Neither Anthony’s parents nor Baez were in court Monday afternoon.

Attorneys for Gonzalez and former meter reader Roy Kronk are both suing Anthony. Her bankruptcy filing effectively blocks the two lawsuits from moving forward.

Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom.

Comments on: "Casey Anthony’s Bankruptcy Hearing In Tampa, Florida" (2)

  1. NoNameIzMe said:

    “She also said that Baez had her participate in photographs in September 2012 and then sold the photos.” HUH! REALLY……. If that’s true I wonder who he sold them too? And for how much?

    What a time for me to take a twitter break! I bet @Blaiss is having a core meltdown. ROFL!

    Also, if it IS true…… Jose’ isn’t looking very good. He’s been making the rounds on the talk shows and never mentioned that. What’s very telling is that Casey Anthony “doesn’t believe she still owed him.” Wow.

    She’s probably lying about everything but hey, what do I care? Nada.

    One woman yelled “baby-killer” at her when she was going in to the courthouse. Hmmmm……. wonder if that was @Blaiss?

    Thanks for keeping up AL! I barely read the news unless its on twitter. HAGD!

  2. NoNameIzMe said:

    Hey! The written news article says she allegedly posed for the photos in September 2012. But the reporter said September 2011. He also mentioned that no one said if they were the photos that showed up on the tabloids back then. Interesting.

    I’m going to listen to the 40 minute audio of the meeting. The link is on the article page.

    I see Jose’ Baez making the rounds to answer A LOT of questions.

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