Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

Another blog popped up today claiming to be “For Steubenville.” What remains unclear is who’s against it?

So far zero actual blog entries, but give them time to praise Coach Reno for being a great man who coaches that fine Big Red Football team. At least one or 2 blog entries  will bash people from outside Steubenville as being liars, and a dozen or so will talk about the boys are innocent and the victim just a drunken slut.

How ignorant people are over a month after the trial has ended and Grand Jury begins.

Instead of focusing on the positive,  some are still focused on putting people down. People who were fighting for  justice for a 16 year old rape victim. Would she have gotten any sort of justice had outsiders not stepped in?

For Steubenville



Kids of Steubenville are treated bad? Have they forgotten the rape victim?

Comments on: "Another Steubenville Blog Pops up." (1)

  1. Alchemist said:

    It’s debatable whether or not this case would have been swept-under the rug if outsiders had not brought this case to national (and even international) attention. That said, it should not be forgotten that it was the SLAPP suit filed against Prinnie by the Saltsman family that most likely brought this case to the attention of both Anonymous as well as the New York Times.

    If the Saltsmans hadn’t filed their idiotic SLAPP suit, likely this case would still be known only to a few locals.

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