Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


Source- NBC Bay Area

Aaron Hern is a normal 12-year-old living in the Northern California City of  Martinez. His life changed that fateful day in Boston.

Aaron and his family traveled to Boston to watch his mom run in the Boston Marathon. When the bomb went off, Aaron’s leg was hit with shrapnel. He underwent 2 surgeries, and was released from the hospital last week to continue his recovery in the Boston area.

As soon as his community found out about Aaron’s injuries, they set up fundraisers to help with family’s lodging, and hospital bills.

To the delight of his family, friends and community A few days ago, Aaron and his family returned home to Martinez. (The day before his 12th birthday.) Before leaving Boston, Aaron and his family visited the bombing site, and took a few steps with his mom’s help.

A huge sports fan Aaron is the honorary guest at tonights play off game between the Warriors and The Denver Nuggets.

Aaron spoke tonight with media outlets-
“It’s pretty exciting because… it’s only my second game and it’s  pretty cool because of the things I’ve been able to do,” Aaron said in his first public comments since his  injury. “It’s cool to be here right now and see all the warm-ups and  everything.”

Aaron is the real warrior at tonight’s game.


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