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Blackburn Sisters

As alot of you know, there has been quite the propaganda war against Anonymous. It turns out Heidi and Amanda Blackburn sunk to new lows and teamed up with Joey Ortega.

A Bit of Backround on the Blackburn Sisters from Bloomingdale, Ohio.

Amanda use to date Don Carpenter who extensively covered the Steubenville rape investigation. Amanda apparently was using Don to become famous. Don did not cover Steubenville for a major media outlet nor did he use the trial to become famous. Its fitting she teamed up with the biggest famefag of the interwebz.

Heidi covered this case for the same reason, fame. After Amanda and Don parted ways, Heidi outted an Anon attending a party celebrating an award Don recieved. She then caught heat from alot of Anons and muzzled her mouth.

Both Blackburn sisters have criminal records. Joey decided not to add that to his blog. Convient right?

Now that we established this, let’s get back to Joey Ortega. Joey still butthurt over the Steubenville case because he was ignored, wanted dirt on anons. For months, he’s extensively bashed Anons. He’s obsessed with it. Look at his radio show and count how many blog radio shows he’s done on Anons or (his words) “The hacking culture.”

Amanda and Heidi were butthurt and looking to get back at Anonymous for getting Twitter bitch slapped. Amanda then decided for her first “creative writing assignment” as a Behind The Yellow Tape creepy club member-she was going to out anons. Joey spent 54 minutes Friday bashing Don’s work as terrorist propaganda. Why? Because Don writes alot of pro-anon articles. He writes about other topics too, but I guess Amanda’s overlooking that fact.

This comment was in the comment section:


Amy Lynn Burch: Anonymous isn’t a gang. There are no “fake anons.” Also I might add the people Amanda is talking about were “on the run.” I shake my head at your obvious stupidity.


Let’s get onto Amanda’s “story.” Maybe I’m old, but I’ve been in relationships where we talk all the time. If not on the phone, we’re texting.

She describes and out’s anons who were obviously on the run. The details sometimes look like a fiction book we read in school. Blaming Don for everything. He’s “broke.” He put you in a situation where you were in danger. He has you involved in crime, and you make Cassandra look like the 5 dollar hooker!

Truth is, you were looking for fame and using Don to gain it. Doesn’t that make you the 5 dollar hooker?

Who’s really spewing the propaganda?

Remember when Heidi, your sister, outted anons attending the party? Do you know who said “leave Amanda alone?” Don. If your relationship was bad, so be it. That happens to everyone, but spewing your delusional stories just makes you look like it’s time to up that medication.

Who has a criminal record? Stay tuned and we will meet the real Blackburn family.

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  2. Thnx for the love and support all.

    I truly feel sad that my former lover, and her sister feel the need to write garbage and attempt to pass it off as fact and news to try and get fame.

    I knew it was coming though,and had warned Ortega about a week or to that libel and slander won’t be tolerated or to prove these “so called criminal acts. I also warned amanda in an email last night that any attempt to garner fame using slader and libel will also not be tolerated.

    I’ve also been dodging speaking about this out of what little respect I had left for her (which is gone now), and the fact I don’t waste time on tabloid garbage.

    My work in Steubenville and other areas speak for themselves, and I appreciate the fact everyone sees these amanda blogs for what it really is butt hurt drama that has no bearing or place in reality.

    Truth be told I loved amanda very much, when I first met her I fell for her instantly. She made me very happy until her frustrations of her first few pieces on our news site didn;t make her nor her sister rich and famous immediately.

    I didn’t get into journalism for fame or fortune I did it because it was the right thing to do.
    granted the steubenville case made me rather known, I didn’t want to be well known, and like many I am looking forward to when the Steubenville case is over, and we can all move on to other stories/projects…whatever.

    I’m grateful for everyone who has read/watched/supported my work. I treasure the relationships that have grown out of meeting people in Steubenville, and abroad.

    I am grateful that this case has inspired dialogue between many on whatever side of this case peeps are on, and I am grateful that many independent journalists and bloggers have covered this case or have been inspired to start reporting other stories.

    I regret things ended the way they did with Amanda, I could have swore her and I would have been ok the way she hung all over me and told me how much she loved me when I got her into the Steubenville trial to help me cover the case. I however was sorely wrong. The minute, the trial was over and we filed our stories and I had her do a radio piece with me, she quickly went back to frustration over not being famous, and that thousands read my work on MBN and not her work.

    I regret that she wanted to sell my sources and confidential info to time magazine to which i refused, and then she jumped in bed (to use a pun if you will) with Ortega.

    My attorneys are anxious for her part 2 to come out, and then we will be seeking damages.
    I apologize to any anonymous member or town resident who spoke on the grounds of being kept anonymous that Amanda and her sister have outed, and most likely will out in the very near future.

    However What amanda does is no longer my problem or concern. Her and her sister are grown adults and will have to live with the consequences of their actions. I do suspect the Hive is rather sick of their actions at this point, and I have no intention of getting between them and what they may or may not do to the blackburns.

    As for the criminal records, I can verify that both sisters do have criminal records that resulted in convictions that disqualify them for any form of employment. The girls haven;t worked in at least 2 years, and that explains why they have so much time on their hands to do “creative writing.”

    anyways thnx for the love and support all

    Don Carpenter

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  4. Don Carpenter for to tell you tell the real reason he can’t come back to Pittsburgh. He has tricked a lot of people iinto believing that he is a straight up guy. Having been his last friend last in Pittsburgh, I can say this much We Amanda Heidi and I all supported don and I personally spent much of my time stopping form getting into to trouble. He’s all about the drama. When he causes trouble it’s always the other person’s fault. He started the trouble at hand. before the trial started, but he seems to have left that part out of his story The fact of the matter is that I began to grow weary of his childish antics. This is not the first time that he has gone an ex or friends. his method is to troll them on the web. I have watched him do it.He was a member of Occupy Pittsburgh and can no longer show his face. He will tell you that it was because of the drama. Don Carpenter was the drama. When it caught up with him he said he was leaving because people were causing him problems.He was sleeping on the floor of one of his ex’s friends. She wanted out so he said she was being weird. He was using her resources for free. As I said before I was his last friend in Pittsburgh. I was in several conversations with people who were trying to figure out what to to about the troublesome do carpenter. He was banned from teaching a workshop on indy – journalism at the Peaceburgh free school because of his past abuses towards women. He was invited to a meeting at the school to address this issue. His reason for not attending the meeting was he did’nt want the drama. The real reason was he new that people were telling the truth.Why did I remain His friend? He does have a bright side. but prefers the dark. I tried to keep him in the light. That only lasted as long as he was in my presence. as soon as I was gone he was right back to causing problems. The untruths spread about Heidi, Amanda, and myself on ustream was seen by many members of Occupy Pittsburgh and they were disgusted by what they saw. You see they know the four of us and kniow his tactics. He plays the victim While being the antagonist. The big difference between Pittsburgh and Steubenville. is nobody helped him attack his ex’s. When the last one broke up with him he threatened her with the wrath of his anon friends if she did;nt stay away from his activist friends. It was an attempt to keep people from finding out what he was doing to her. How do I know this ? He told me..As soon as I saw his drunken rant on U-Stream. I called him so that he could explain his actions. for weeks I tried every way that I could think of to talk to him and defuse the situation. fb he blocked me, twitter he blocked me,, e-mail no response,.wtnn he blocked me. The message I left was you talk about me on the internet while drunk and in another state. Call me lets talked face to face. Why do you only go after women? Be a man talk to a man. He wrote a letter saying that Heidi covered the trial. That was not true. Heidi was with me the whole time. WE never went into the court. No pictures allowed. He said don’t trust me or let me take your picture. because I’m only in it for the money which wrong when you say you’re in it for the cause. I never said I was in it for the cause. He made that up. One minute he is saying that I am his best friend and and in the same breath it’s fuck you Tom Jefferson. I could go on but I wil end this by saying. You stand on the steps of the Jefferson County Court House In a Rally against Bullying then turn around A bu lly and threaten people who have done nothing wrong and nothing to you. All based on the lies of a man you don’t know. SHAME SHAME SHAME on all of you. And you Mister Carpenter,m WHAT A DISSAPOIINTMENT YOU TURNED OUT TO BE. Don’t like What I have to say? Sue me I dare you!!!

    Tom Jefferson

    Photographer @
    Occupy Pittsburgh Now
    Fight Back Pittsburgh
    Tour de Frack
    Pittsburghers for Public Transit
    Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective
    Action United

    • ACTUALLY, I’ve only met Don a few times and I’m not sure if he hides it well, but seemed to be a nice guy.
      What I DO have major issues with is Behind the yellow tape “claims” to be about crime, BUT goes on and on and on and on about gossip and bullshit. It was going that way before Amanda and Heidi joined “the team.” How are they ANY BETTER ranting and raving about Don and what does that have to do with “solving crimes?”
      Truth-I have no idea what happened between Amanda and Don’s relationship. I don’t care to. That’s not my point. MY POINT is the bashing and outting of Anons because of personal grudges. If their relationship was bad..so be it. It happens to everyone sometimes more than once. That’s life! Just because Don has friends that are Anon doesn’t mean they have to suffer over her personal grudges. I don’t know about Don being broke or not. Again, I don’t care to. I imagine not being paid for stories (coughamandacough) you have money problems. Ranting and raving to me falls on deaf ears. I will never have pity for you or the Blackburn sisters. Being an outsider, I’ve seen the trouble they cause. In other words, Mr Jefferson, Go find people who care and please take an English class or 2. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Anon420 said:

    Is this the Tom with the dreads? the tom who smoked drugs with us the night before the steubenville trial? the same tom who came to the ville riding the coat tails of don carpenter to take our pictures? who drank the beer and trash cans we bought him? only for him to shit talk anonymous while we were at the triple play cafe hanging out with don?

    The same tom who came back to the ville a second time and once again did nothing but shit talk anons at the triple play while we were out enjoying ourselves, and again buying him beer?

    the same tom who after smoking weed with us, didn’t show up for the trial to “cover it”? the same tom who on the first day of the trial who was seen and heard at plain jane’s talking shit with heidi blackburn about anonymous and all the work mr. carpenter was doing?

    WHO IN THE BLUE HELL ARE YOU DUDE? you say you’re a journalist too for over 20 years, but no one knows who you are guy! google only shows you take a few pics here and there, however I do see u worked with carpenter at that radio show he did steubenville stories on….wonder who got you in there.

    we only know you because you came to steubenville on the expense of don carpenter.you’re fucking heidi blackburn. no one cares tom. don did more in the last 5 months than you will ever be known for, and even has an award in media from the city of pittsburgh. I was there when he received it. sounds like you’re butthurt over that.

  6. Anonimouse said:

    So what you’re saying is that Don is a jedi? or the yin yang? LULZSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  7. Fuck You Tom said:

    Cool story bro. #butthurt much?
    enjoyed how you listed your affiliations on there like listing affiliations somehow legitimizes your ramblings.
    occupy pittsburgh was a joke by the way. you pussies gave up and left before being arrested. way to invalidate everything you claimed to have stand for.,

  8. Fuck You Tom said:

    Ur 56 Jefferson. Isn’t talking shit and drama a little to childish 4 ya?

  9. 1. Simply put:Tom I care not to associate with you anymore, one would think the ignored calls, blocks on social media would give you the hint.

    2. What is Occupy Pittsburgh doing these days? NOTHING it’s disbanded, gone, dead, the drama between everyone in that bunch killed it. There are however several good people who do things in activism away from that brand name.

    3. My lease was up on May 1st bud, I moved. simply put.

    4. How’s that internet connection i gave you for free working for you Is that hotspot being used for Pittsburgh activism purposes as it’s supposed to be?

    5. I would love to meet this “council of Pittsburghers” who decided what to do with me (BULLSHIT)

    Grow up, and get on with your life man. You and the Blackburns.
    I’ve moved on.
    This message has been brought to you by the bureau of IDGAF

  10. Also, we’ve filed 3 police reports on the harassment. IDC what you think of me, and I respect your freedom of speech. However, your claim that Amanda’s degrees are fake is untrue, and picking on her because she has a mental illness IS bullying. I by no means wish to stifle your words. However I do think you should omit your remarks that make fun of her. Schizophrenia has enough of a social stigma as it is, you are only perpetuating negative stereotypes of it, and that is inexcusable. You’ve been made aware of your mistake, so please correct what is untrue.

  11. Maybe it is time for me to finally make an appearance on this subject.

    The blog written about myself, Baws, Cassandra, Don, and many others by Amanda Blackburn that appeared on BTYT is complete lunacy. All I got from the blog is that Amanda was butthurt over the fact that she didn’t receive the same amount of fame and recognition through the Steubenville trial as Don did. Don has my complete and utter respect until death. Want to know why? I’ll tell you.

    He doesn’t do what he does for fame. He doesn’t do what he does for money. And he doesn’t do what he does to further his career. He does what he does because the world deserves the TRUTH.

    I admit, some of what you said in that sorry blog post was truth. But I can also say that a bunch of it was complete and utter heresy.

    Remember when Heidi proceeded to out a couple of my best Anon friends? I was overly furious. I contacted Don the next day out of RESPECT for HIM and asked him what he wants done about the situation. He said and I quote, “Heidi is fair game. But LEAVE Amanda ALONE.” I did just that. Myself along with many others proceeded to attack Heidi because of her actions. I also went as far as posting her address and phone number up on twitter.

    Tom, everything that Anon420 said, I couldn’t have said any better. Go fuck yourself and your little black panther buddies.

    Heidi and Amanda, and this goes for Joey as well. Stand down. You continuing this is only digging yourself a deeper hole. You continuing this will only see the final fruition of your failed journalistic careers.

    Yours Truly,
    Popadopolous aka @NextSecOfficial aka @FreiheitSecAnon

    We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    We do not forget,
    We do not forgive,
    Tom, Heidi, Amanda, Joey, BTYT, you can expect me.

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