Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

By- Levi Page

William Murtaugh a/k/a Murt, is no stranger to the internet true crime world. He is a known troll that is banned from crime forums such as Websleuths, and InSession. Murt started blogging during the 2006 case of missing Florida child Trenton Duckett and ever since then he has been engaging in sleazy behavior. What is most disgusting about Murt is that he often uses missing and murdered children and inserts himself into their case in order to get attention.

While blogging on the Trenton Duckett case, Murt used disgusting, attention seeking antics. Murt would show up on several blogs and forums claiming that on a certain date something “big” was going to happen. He made it seem like he was close to law enforcement and had inside sources. He would even “count down” the days… Well his bombshell turned out to be a dud and nothing happened. It was just typical sleazy Murt using a missing child case to get attention.

Now Murt is at it again. This time he is inserting himself into the case of murdered Satsuma, Florida girl Haleigh Cummings. Murt has accused a satire blogger that resides in Atlanta, GA of abducting the child. Why? Because this blogger often publishes satirical content about him.

How disgusting is that? Using a child that law enforcement says is a murder victim, and claiming a blogger that lives in a completely different state than where the child went missing, abducted her. Murt has even tweeted the FBI office in Jacksonville asking them to investigate RadioNewz.net.

This may be a game to you, but it is not a game to Haleigh’s family Murt. You have gone too far once again and are using a murdered child as a pawn in your internet drama. You are sick and disgusting and no different from John Mark

You are a troll that needs to be involuntarily committed. Get off the internet and seek psychological help, because you are in desperate need of it.

Article originally published by Levipageshow.com

Comments on: "LEVI PAGE- Troll William Murtaugh uses murdered child Haleigh Cummings as a pawn in internet foolery!@Murtwitnessone" (1)

  1. This is no game, Levi.
    Michelle Lynn McKee called the Leesburg, Florida City Police department FOUR TIMES. claiming that I MURDERED Trenton Duckett. Michelle Lynn McKee AND Alexandra H Goddard sent counterfeit files to a local private detective and prodded him into giving this information to several law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Florida.
    The administrator of Radionewz.net has rather unusual ties to many of the parties in the Haleigh Cummings case.
    IF Radio is innocent then it should have no problem talking to the FBI. ANYONE should be willing to talk to ANY law enforcement agency to see if there is anything they can contribute anything to the eventual answer to what happened to Haleigh or any other missing child.
    Also, another piece of sage advice. If you are going to allow bloggers to go around accusing each other for having direct connections to various crimes, do not whine when the target is you.


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