Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


We all know who Murt is by now.

I reblogged a post by The Levi Page, and got a rambling incoherent answer whinning about everyone being out to get him.

He claims Michelle, Holly, Prinnie and most of all, his current nemisis RadioNewz Blog are all trying to frame him for missing child Haleigh Cummings.


Pt 2


Pt 2

Does he honestly believe RadioNewz (who’s from Georgia) kidnapped a child in Florida 5 years ago? He has even gone as far as contacting the FBI in Florida!



Screen Shots from. Radionewz.net


Comments on: "@Murtwitnessone- Ramblings of a Creepy Old Man" (3)

  1. Murts always had a tenuous grip on reality.. but he’s completely lost it now. Never mind the fact that anyone of us can account for our whereabouts when HaLeigh was taken .. just like I can when Brianne Chantal Patterson accused me of helping to murder Caylee Anthony. These crazies never think of that.. they only seek to destroy people and reputations. This is why I am SO hoping the FBI DOES look into this .. because they WILL look into those that accuse as well. That could be a bad thing, a very bad thing…………. For THEM.

    • If the FBI looks into it, they’re more likely to accuse murt of falsely reporting. A crime BTW!

      • He’s scrambling because I quoted his tweet about his blog post on Haleigh to the FBI in Tampa (Central FL HQ). He attempts to point the finger at radionewzblog and basically outs HIMSELF at what is being done. He even added a pic of the home Haleigh was in when she was kidnapped. Since I live in FL, I may be his next target in finger pointing, BUT, he can easily see I don’t believe BS and can’t be swayed by his minions to believe his BS and I don’t turn a blind eye to crimes like kidnapping or murder. I don’t play his BS games in smear campaigns, either.

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