Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


As for the “harassment” police reports- I’ve been told Jefferson County Sheriffs Office told you to stop talking shit and people won’t respond. The harassment claims are baseless. You, me and the world knows this.

I didn’t mock her mental illness. I simply went on what she wrote herself in her little story.

To keep the peace I deleted the post on Amanda being a nutball. (Even tho I corrected my own mistake a week ago) I’m keeping the drama down these days as much as possible.
This does not excuse hers or her sister’s behavior, and Heidi did my work for me. She destroyed her own sister’s total credibility.
I will not blog on this topic again as long as Amanda and Heidi stop trashing Don and Anons.
It’s one thing to report facts on a case, it’s another to use a “crime blog” to smash the hell out of your ex.


Comments on: "My Response To Heidi Blackburn’s Comment" (2)

  1. Dear Mr. Carpenter, if I thought for one minute that you or your friends represented anonymous, i would never support another action made by anonymous, I already avoid all local anonymous functions.

    • Educate yourself before making comments. Don is a journalist..not anon. Anonymous isn’t an organization kathy. No one can tell who is or isn’t Anon like a street gang. #JS

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