Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


Catherine has a long history of harassing individuals who support the actions of Anonymous. Months back, I myself doxed Catherine because she was harassing a young girl who was having some mental health problems and talked about hurting herself. I figured after tangling with a few Anons, she would keep a lower profile with her criticism. I was very wrong.

She’s now onto harassing writers who have written pro-anon articles Alexis Madrigal (whom she calls Alex for some reason), a writer for The Atlantic, and Peter Ludlow, a professor and who wrote an opinion piece for the NYT. I’m not sure exactly what Catherine is trying to accomplish other than proving what we said months back, she’s a flippin’ nutball!

Here’s what she’s written to Alexis-




I’m not sure if Alexis really cares what a nut obsessed with Russia has to say.

Then there’s Ludlow, who wrote an opinion article for the NYT, and is also a professor. (According to Catherine) She starts by going on a rant on her history with Ludlow on A Second Life/Sims.




All I have to say about her recent, as she calls them “tangles” with reporters and professors is NO ONE CARES!!!! She’s had a grudge against Anonymous for a very long time going back before Steubenville and Aaron Swartz.

PSSST- Catherine, JusticeSec hasn’t existed since February so move on.

Comments on: "Cray Cray Catherine Fitzpatrick Strikes Again!!! @catfitz" (4)

  1. […] the key excerpt (somebody should also forward this to Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, she of the ‘hackers are anarchist witches and encryption is the  tool of the Devil‘ school of reactionary Statist […]

  2. American Kulak said:

    Hi Anon Luverz — please consider making this a blog post,
    While I personally have nothing to do with Anonymous — except for a few people who’ve followed Anons apparently from Michigan several months back who tipped me off about @AsherahResearch’s possible involvement in FBI false flag cyber attacks (eg the Sabu/Stratfor hack) as their informant inside Lulzsec– as an unnamed patriot movement type I would like to note something for everybody who reads here.
    Undoubtedly, Catherine A. Fitzpatrick aka @CatFtz aka Prokofy Neva herself will likely attempt to respond here as she obsessively spends time online (not unlike her antagonist at the moment, @LibertyLynx).
    Since early January there’s been a falling out between Catherine and her former online allies in the Great White Whale #OpSnowden hunt, University of Houston Professor Craig Pirrong and Pirrong’s ‘female’ pseudonymous sidekick @LibertyLynx. I won’t bore you all with the details as anybody can read Prokofy’s massive blog posts about it here:
    except to say there may very well be more going on here than just ego and tensions among NSA koolaid drinking cultists. And perhaps Catherine even has a point about jealousy on @LibertyLynx and Craig Pirrong’s part over the fact that their fellow loather of all Russian sovereignty from the Anglo-American banksters, The Economist journalist Edward Lucas, cited Prokofy’s ideas about Snowden and Jacob Applebaum’s whereabouts in Lucas’ recently published e-book.
    However, one has to carefully consider just ‘WHO’ these two sides represent when considering their falling out. Catherine A. Fitzpatrick presently works as a Russian translator for the Interpreter Mag, a front for registered foreign agent/s of recently released Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. We know from multiple sources that Khodorkovsky’s money was spread far and wide from London to Washington after he went to prison in Russia. Catherine’s colleague at Interpreter Mag the American Anglophile neocon Michael D. Weiss worked for the Henry Jackson Society in London but is now back in New York City. In addition to all sorts of funding from military industrial petro/bankster complex corporations, the HJS likely received a big grant from Khodorkovsky’s Menatep Bank, as did Carnegie Moscow. Weiss himself is likely an unregistered foreign agent (read illegal lobbyist) for the governments of Qatar if not Saudi Arabia, faithfully promoting their agenda in Syria while pretending to be a Zionist neocon. In fact the Israelis despite Bibi’s stated desire for Western intervention in Syria were happy to let their Sunni jihadist and Shi’a Hezbollah enemies slaughter each other.
    So Catherine represents the lowest rung of the Soros/NED/NRI/HRW ‘human rights’ pyramid of projecting Anglo-American bankster power worldwide.
    On the other side is Craig Pirrong, an ardent proponent of hard U.S. military power in the insane Cheneyite mold. Pirrong was recently the subject of New York Times and Nation magazine profiles about his history of accepting payments as an ‘expert witness’ from various Wall Street financial interests. Pirrong has also maintained a vociferous and some would say fanatical loathing of any efforts by Washington to improve relations with Moscow, which is what initially brought he and @CatFitz together.
    Meanwhile, Pirrong’s pseudonymous ‘friend’ @LibertyLynx practically boasts of having been tapped and then finally expelled from Russia by the FSB, as a second generation Russian-American who was (probably rightly) suspected of being an American spy. Thus both Pirrong and @LibertyLynx have either direct or indirect connections to the U.S. intelligence community in their past, while Catherine Fitzpatrick denies having any even after having worked at the former CIA front Ford Foundation as a translator and human rights activist during the 1980s:
    What seems obvious to me is many fold:
    1) Craig Pirrong as a card carrying if not fanatical member of the ‘bankster’ Establishment feels betrayed that his friends in high places couldn’t stop the Obama Administration from going after his reputation in the pages of the New York Times. Such feelings of betrayal engender paranoia, such that Pirrong now sincerely appears to believe that the NSA-worshipping Catherine Fitzpatrick has posed as a right wing anti-government Internet persona for the past two years, on the flimsiest basis (Pirrong is apparently so stupid and non-tech saavy he thinks IPs are fixed and a single one being in geographic proximity to Prokofy’s equals a smoking gun).
    2) @LibertyLynx is pissed that her pseudonymity, while it protects her from being suspended or having her real life identity matched with that of a fanatically pro-NSA troll, has prevented her from being cited as one of Edward Lucas sources for his book. It would seem the constant loving protection of Twitter @Support which prevents @LibertyLynx from ever being banned for aggressive following or obnoxiously hurling f-bombs at those who’ve blocked her is not enough for @LibertyLynx. She not only needs to be paid to relentlessly troll on behalf of the banksters and the government, she also has to receive recognition (the Naval War College/#TeamNSA collaborators at Business Insider apparently didn’t give her enough ‘love’).
    3) What all of these individuals obtain from their fanatical devotion to defending the NSA from all comers is a sense of meaning and importance to their lives. In Craig’s case, his blogging and Russia activist career allows his friends in the State Department (like the Bureau of Intelligence and Research or INR) to let him play secret agent. In @LibertyLynx’s case, it allows her to feel like she’s ‘still in the game’ after having her cover (likely USAID, the oldest in the book and the organization Putin finally shut down in exasperation for hosting so many U.S. spies in Russia) completely blown. And for Prokofy Neva, the U.S. government has taken the role of the long absent husband who left her years ago. Uncle Sam is literally her hero, her provider, her Lord and Saviour. Yet Catherine in many respects is the saddest sack of these three because she clearly doesn’t entirely troll for the money, but is a true believer in the cult of Uncle Sam. Whereas Pirrong has powerful financial incentives to play ball with the banksters and the NSA that provides them with so much juicy commercial espionage bits on competitors like Deutsche Bank, and thus can alternate between fake libertarianism and an authoritarian fanaticism seeing ‘enemies everywhere’ from Ron Paul to Zerohedge that would make Richard Milhous Nixon blush:
    Now, what would happen to the worldviews of all three of these individuals if they were to find out, per Dr. Steve Pieczenik’s recent statements, that the #SnowdenOp was executed not by the Russian security services, a gang of hackers like Wikileaks under Russian influence, but of the U.S. government itself? Their worldviews would clearly have problems, though Pirrong and @LibertyLynx both seem sociopathic enough to carry on as if nothing has happened.
    It seems to me then, in conclusion, that @CatFitz’s naive questioning about certain aspects of the Snowden story, including why the Obama White House made half-hearted efforts to catch Snowden in Hong Kong, or why Snowden’s leaks were facilitated via the U.S. Navy designed encryption tool Tor, were making certain people in the Intelligence Community uncomfortable.
    Thus it seems Pirrong and @LibertyLynx were given orders to aggressively go after @CatFitz, not that Prokofy’s reputation wasn’t already sufficiently crazy as to make her an easy target. It’s just ironic as hell that after ignoring for months repeated tweets informing them about CatFitzy’s history of stalking dying AIDS patient Joshua Mackracken, suddenly Pirrong and @LibertyLynx want to attack CatFitz for this in the past week. Well duh, you all knew what you were doing when citing Prokofy, unlike Lucas, who at least before this weekend could feign ignorance about CatFitz’s ahem colorful history of crazy.

    Joshua Mackracken’s YouTube video discussing Prokofy’s stalking of him as authenticating that he is in fact dying of AIDS
    So what’s really going on with this Charlie Foxtrot of paranoia and pettyness is two factions of the U.S. gubm’t going at it, via their lowest level dupes and idiots (of course Pirrong is at a slightly higher level of the Illuminati pyramid, or fancies himself thus. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he were highly degreed in one of the Houston Masonic Lodges).

    • American Kulak said:

      Executive summary: Craig Pirrong and @LibertyLynx are wannabe and failed spooks respectively. CatFitz was never a spook but was handled by spooks and various spooky slush funds like Ford Foundation and the Institute for Modern Russia (Khodorkovsky apparently began his career in the early 1990s as a money bag for the KGB remnants and quickly switched sides toward being an active agent of the CIA, though his initial burst of investment like that of Oleg Deripaska likely came from either George Soros or the House of Rothschild).

      The wannabe and failed spooks are ganging up on the true believer, to spare themselves some embarassment, because they’ve been ‘encouraged’ to do so by their spook handlers/puppeteers (Craig Pirrong was just in Washington D.C., and also announced that he travelled to Istanbul on his blog just before rioting broke out there against the Erdogan regime which has incurred D.C.’s wrath for trading with Iran in gold and thus undermining the precious petrodollar).

      Admitting that while Snowden may be sincere he’s been a dupe of the CIA which wants to capture a bigger chunk of the NSA pie for themselves (just as Daniel Ellsberg was also CIA and was used like the CIA’s favorite newspaper the Washington Post to bring down their old enemy Richard Nixon) would be devastating to the worldview of Catherine Fitzpatrick. Thus a thesis and antithesis has to be maintained rather than seeing the #SnowdenOp for what it is, through shades of grey.

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