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Well, it looks like Jodi’s 15 minutes of fame and attention isn’t over. The jury couldn’t decide if she should receive life in prison or the death penalty.

(CNN) — An Arizona judge declared a mistrial in the penalty phase of the Jodi Arias trial Thursday after a deadlocked jury said it couldn’t decide whether to sentence her to death for the murder of her ex-boyfriend.

That means a new jury will be chosen, but the first-degree murder conviction still stands.

A retrial for the penalty phase will begin on July 18, Judge Sherry Stephens said. A status conference has been scheduled for June 20.

Since Tuesday, jurors had been deliberating whether Arias, 32, should get a death sentence for murdering ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008.

A source with knowledge of the jury’s vote said there was an 8-4 split in favor of sentencing Arias to death.

Jurors refused to talk to the media and immediately left the courtroom.

The hung jury brought to a close a dramatic chapter in a high-profile case that has lasted for months, drawing spectators who lined up for courtroom seats and waited anxiously outside the courthouse.

But the closely watched trial isn’t over yet.

In many states, the death penalty would be off the table if the jury couldn’t agree.

Not Arizona.

“It’s a very unusual circumstance, but it is part of Arizona statute that yes, if you get to this third phase, the penalty phase, and there is a hung jury, it means another jury comes in,” said CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield, who has covered the Arias trial from the outset.

In a written statement, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said prosecutors “will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase.”

“We appreciate the jury’s work in the guilt and aggravation phases of the trial and now we will assess, based upon available information, what the next steps will be,” he said.

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Comments on: "Jodi Arias Saga Not Over!" (2)

  1. JanCorey said:

    Hopefully the next jury will also see Travis Alexander as the monster he really was to Jodi Arias like the first jury was able to see. Now, it’s time to prosecute each of the family members of Travis Alexander for not getting Travis the help he actually needed to address his infatuation with little boys and the abuse he perpetrated against Ms. Arias. Thank God Ms. Arias was able to put an end to Travis’s abuse. I personally wonder why she only shot Travis once and why she only cut him about 40 times; he deserved so much more imo.

    • woman for womens rights said:

      Are you crazy or something?! This bitch murdered, slashed his throat, chased him, stalked him and denied it for fucking years! Then she admits it was beacause of abuse… Look, I advocate womens self defense and protecting self BUT yo! Seriously! She had an out-he did not want her anymore, he moved on… She should have walked away.. Sex is addictive depending on what you are doing for.. But being a misogynist, a masochist, is not grounds to turn around and murder when your lover says its over… Murder is not fucking right… Yea, for pedos, rapists and serial killers sure why not? Stabbing someone so many times is a sexual act of violence… Slashing his throat? I’m surprised wh didn’t roll in his blood and try to fellatio him back to life. Sick shit. Sick. She gives a bad name to BPD. She has a straight personality disorder! Wtf! Abused women should get even but not when the abuse walks away to another!!! Like really!?

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