Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


@NUNYAMAN is shedding some light on his relationship with Amanda Blackburn. Interesting conversations that often involved fighting about money.


am (1)



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Comments on: "Fun Facts From @nunyaman" (3)

  1. GRIFTTRESS said:

    Pretty sure Amanda could care less about anything but herself. Wants notoriety (press pass) and she sounds like a grifter. Might as well stand on the corner with a sign. She wants it all but doesn’t want to work for shit. Why the F&#K was she even going to the rally? Clearly not for Jane Doe or any other “victims.” She would have you think SHE’S the “victim.” Call the whiney whambulance. What a piece of work this chic sounds like. A mooch!

    • IKR! She rubs in her fancy degrees, but this shows the true Amanda. Looks like Don was trying to help her with her 800 dollar power bill. How many people let their power bill get up to 800 dollars? She’s quick to call Don a mooch and broke, but it looks like Don was willing to sell his stuff, skip a big trial AND skip paying rent to help her family out. Use that fancy degree and get a job sweetheart!

  2. i loved this girl. protected her the 1st time anon went after her when they should have been going after her sis. I still love her, but the backstabbing, lies and betrayal sank the love ship. i really really hate the fact i have to go on the offensive to clear my name when all this bs coulda just been between her and i. more will be released soon

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