Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one


Before she went to sleep, Amanda rolled over and kissed me. “We’re going to do amazing things together.” she said and rolled back over. “You’re damn right babe.” I replied and I kissed her good night one more time and telling her I hoped she felt better tomorrow.

We woke the next morning and smoked a ton of weed with Heidi and Tom in this garage converted into an apartment outside of their parents home. The “apartment” was filled with garbage laying all over the place, mouse droppings could be seen on the floor. This was where Amanda and Heidi hung out all day. They smoked weed daily (pretty much 4-5 bowls an hour) and would watch cartoons all day and all night. Amanda was feeling a bit better, so we left for a while to go get her parent’s dog medicine near Wintersville. We sung Brown Eyed girl to each other, and for the longest time when it came on the radio. Amanda constantly asking me if moving down there to “the middle of no where” would be a problem. I assured her it wouldn’t be as I love peace and quiet, and I was still planning on dropping indy media after the Steubenville case.(at least for a while.)

What Amanda didn’t know, or maybe she did because I was always smiling around her, was that I worshiped the ground she walked on. She was the most beautiful, intelligent, kind and thoughtful person that I ever met. So we went on the errands, returned to her parents house, smoked a shit ton more weed, had dinner with her parents, and repeated this process for a couple of days. (Amanda as shocked when at the store, my phone had service and proceeded to blow up for 12 minutes with texts, emails, twitter dms, mentions etc.(I got alot of shit back in the days of #oprollredroll on a hourly basis.)I was enjoying spending time with Amanda who at this point was saying our relationship was as epic as Hemingway and Gellhorn’s. I had no idea who Gellhorn was, and I forgot the name which pissed her off, but fuck man when you’re handing me marijuana in large hourly quantities, that is going to happen. Tom and Heidi were busy off fucking somewhere most of the time, so Amanda and I spent our time cuddling, as she would probe me for information on the Steubenville case. Who were my sources, what all do they know? can she meet my sources. I dodged all these questions. Despite working with her, I have never nor will I ever share the identities of who my sources are. too much shit can happen to the (and to me) should someone run their mouth. I politely told her I couldn’t answer those questions, due to privilege, and for our protection. She didn’t like that, and became silent staring off at some damn cartoon on the tv. I tried cheering her up with the hopes of tag teaming the trial, and she perked up a minute. It was around this time Heidi after hanging out with Tom began feeling entitled over myself, and Amanda and that also her and Tom started to refer to me as not a journalist. Whatever. I dealt with Photographers with egos before, so I blew it off. I was with my girlfriend and I was happy. I was proud of the work I was doing, and proud of my new team despite the early egos that started to emerge. I had tried when we were all together smoking pot to discuss the Steubenville case, what folks wanted to work on because I could have used some help, but Amanda, Heidi, and Tom preferred to just continue smoking pot and watch cartoons. I would later read from Heidi’s bullshit that me trying to rally my team to help me work would be taken as bragging about Steubenville. I’m sorry folks, I feel I did great solo work, and the trial coverage I did with Amanda was amazing work, but there was nothing to brag about as it pertained to the rape of a 16 year old girl, anonymous’ involvement in the case and the ongoing investigations. It’s sad and tragic stuff.

2013-01-26 23.16.17

Tom and I were given a lift back to the burgh after a few days, and I went back to work. One Billion Rising was coming up, and I was soon contacted by the organizers to do what I had done for the summit, have a bunch of streamers available for the event. The Blackburns jumped at the chance to come up for the event and it was Valentine’s Day. I would finally actually celebrate the commercial day with someone I loved. (I never celebrated the day in any relationship before, but Amanda was special and I wanted her to know that.)

The Valentine’s Day Train wreck

And then there was the Valentine’s Day incident. Amanda has creatively wrote about this for a shitty crime blog. Personally our relationship, and her grievances have no business being passed off as news or anything. I choose to write this into my book, and also leak it to another blogger. What I write in these 2 chapters have no business being posted as news on MBN  or elsewhere. So here goes: Valentine’s Day. I was looking forward to seeing Amanda on Valentine’s Day. Heidi was going over to Tom”s and Amanda was going to spend the day with me, and we were also going to cover One Billion Rising Pittsburgh which expected over 1,000 people to turn up. I was also slated to interview 2 members of theHactivist group Anonymous. Now what actually happened that night between the 2 anons and I are protected by confidentiality and I am ethically bound to protect my sources. Let’s just say what Amanda wrote is creative fantasy and complete BULLSHIT.

Here’s what I can say:
On the days leading up to V-Day and OBR, yes I met with 1 anon who rolled into town late at night. He stayed at my house and in the morning we went to lunch with another friend. We hung out till the evening until the second anon arrived in town. We had some beers together and a late night dinner at Primanti Brothers in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. Amanda had known these 2 were coming to Pittsburgh, and demanded to be a part of the interview, but wanted this interview held off for 3 days so she could come up the night before Valentine’s and OBR to sit in and take part of the interview. Ihalf heartedly agreed knowing that this fucking interview was time sensitive and the anons had to be on their way as soon as possible. The interview never happened as, one of the anons heard that his home was supposedly being raided. He took off, and I wouldn’t see him for a couple days. The second anon ended up taking a late night cab ride to an undisclosed location also weirded out by this possible raid taking place elsewhere. And guess what? this interview had nothing to do with Steubenville.

Anyhoo, The night before Valentine’s Day, I was going to make Amanda a romantic dinner. I had some pasta and some wine, and had went to the store earlier to get Amanda some gifts of roses and chocolates. Instead of coming up at the agreed upon time of 8 pm, the Blackburns once again showed up late (as usual) At 3 AM. Amanda comes in, and wanted to blow up an air mattress. Now my roommate long sick of late night visitors and my downstairs neighbors who wake up at 4 am, would not appreciate the sound of a compressor running at 3 am. Not to mention, I had a couch, a cot, a futon, and 2 floor mattress pads that could have been used. Amanda begins to throw a 3 AM fit until my phone starts blowing up. Some friends were in need of help. Personally I wanted to just go to sleep as I was awake for over 72 hours already, but I listened to Amanda bitching about missing the interview, and not being able to blow up her mattress, and I just threw my hands up in the air and said “NO” and laid down. Amanda also asked for money, so before I tried to sleep, I reached in my pocket and pulled out my last $20. I had spent everything I had on the dinner, wine, roses, chocolate and lunch with the anons. I began to wonder why, If she is in such financial distress, does she keep driving to Pittsburgh. I didn’t mind helping out, and tables were turned I’d drive everyday to see her if I could. I put the thoughts out of my exhausted mind as my phone went off once again. I also was wondering if she was on something. She was acting very strange, hyper, and her words rally weren’t making sense.

Amanda asked what was going on, and I told her some friends were in need of help, but I was tired, and just wanted to cuddle with her and go to sleep. I told her I was going to just deal with the friend emergency in the morning, I was tired. We lay next to each other for about 5 minutes before Amanda (Still pissed off and acting weird) asks “we gonna go somewhere or not?” I rolled over and asked “Seriously?” “Yeah, let’s fucking go.” Amanda replied.
So off we went to assist my friends with their problem. Now here’s where Amanda lists laws broken, and dick pics and what not.

I’m not going to go into my friend’s emergency. that is none of your god damn business. The entire drive up Amanda had a glazed look in her eyes, and was demanding when she could meet and interview the anons. I told her “fucking tomorrow.” I was pissed at this point, and just wanted to sleep. I had a broadcast to do in the morning and needed to be on my game. I texted the number I had for the anons, and we continued on our way. Now yes Amanda and I went to Mount Washington very early on a cold morning, it’s a romantic spot and she was happy to kiss me there. A random guy did give her a dick picture. I wasn’t really thinking or seeing clearly by this point due to exhaustion, but it struck me as odd Amanda would find joy in trying to take a picture of a stranger’s cock. Which made me further ponder if she was on drugs this evening. She further writes she felt like a hostage and couldn’t sleep blah blah blah…here is a picture of her sleeping comfortably on my couch. (she’s fully clothed under the blanket so get ur heads out of the gutter.)


We wake up after and hour or so of sleep, and head to Downtown Pittsburgh, for One Billion Rising set to take place in Market Square. Amanda and I do some test streams where I identify her as the streamer. through out the event Amanda was the streamer, i kept tweeting and telling folks as such and even kept turning her camera around to show her as the streamer. My Ustream channel was started years ago as a community channel. Multiple streamers etc. Folks still to this day mistake whoever is streaming for myself when they use the channel.(also see the Amanda pics in this chapter taken at OBR, does she look like a hostage or victim as she claims in her lil bs blog?)

It happens, and is nothing to get your jimmies rustled over, but I would later learn that Heidi would use the honest mistake of a viewer, to start shit with me and drive a wedge between Amanda and I. OBR concludes and I was once again so proud of Amanda, Heidi and Tom as well as my work on the event. Tom and Heidi Take off, and Amanda and I leave to meet the anons who by now were probably just waking up. We get back to my place where I give Amanda her gifts. We meet the anons who one decides to megabus out of town, the other goes exploring in Pittsburgh for awhile. The interview never happens.(that part of Amanda’s stuff is true.)

Amanda and I still exhausted, go to sleep, her on the cot, me on the couch. we moved everything next to each other. When we wake up, we head to Tom’s to hang out with him and Heidi and smoke more pot. Amanda and I stay at Tom’s that night with Amanda’s air mattress after I get yelled at by Heidi for not allowing her to blow it up. We spend the next day in Homestead hanging out, and then the Blackburns leave back to Ohio. This is the last time things would be ok between Amanda and I. (we’ll get to that later.) After they leave, Amanda starts dodging my calls, emails, and requests for help researching a few things on the Steubenville case from her end in Ohio.

Finally i reach Amanda and she starts demanding that her and Heidi cover Steubenville. I tell her I have been asking for weeks for help on the case, but I have already been covering the case for 2 months, so I was not stepping down from it. However, #opinnocence was starting in Weirton in a week or so, and if they wanted that story, go for it. My plate was pretty full at the moment with Steubenville, and Pittsburgh. Amanda makes a snarky comment I am passing a little story off to them. I let the comment pass after debating being a dick and taking the story. It was a huge story actually if it was done right. To this day neither the Blackburns, nor any local media from the area have done the Tyler Graham case correctly. Anonymous had a rally set up in support of Graham’s 2 year old victim. I was psyched because I didn’t have to cover anything, and was going to the rally merely to give Amamnda some battery packs to keep the live stream up. I also would hang out with my friends, and meet some anons that would later give me some crucial help and info as it pertained to the Steubenville case.


The Blackburns once again show up when they felt like it, and Amanda and Heidi both are treating me like shit, ignoring me, and finally Amanda speaks to demand a battery pack and my coffee. I’m not sure what her deal is, so I leave her to stream and go network and record audio for Rustbelt Radio. I had asked the girls if they’d partner with me for a radio story on #opinnocence, to which they forgot the convo ever happened. (thank you FB for archived messages to prove to Heidi we had this convo when she threw a tantrum.)

So, the rally wraps in very cold temperatures. Amanda awkwardly kisses me, hands me my gear back, and asks if we’re all going out tonight. “You know it. do you want to come?” I reply. She had some stuff to do at home, and told me she’d meet up with us later at Triple Play Cafe. I joined the anons for beers at Plain Jane’s and begin writing up a piece on this rally in case the Blackburns dropped the ball. Heidi would write an article, but the problem was she plagiarised the entire piece from anonymous pastebins. I said nothing because it was time the kid learned. I was becoming frustrated with my students who expected me to hand them everything, but didn’t want to do any leg work. Smoking pot and cartoons were more important.

We arrive to the Triple Play Cafe and proceed to get shit faced. Why? because fuck you, that’s why. It was a Saturday night in the ville and we were rolling 15-20 people deep. We were gonna get a hotel later anyways, so commence with the Irish Trash Cans. The Blackburns once again show up when they feel like it, this time around last call. Amanda ignores me, and Heidi proceeds to get in my face telling me I’m fucking blowing it with her sister. Amanda and I have never up until this moment talked about any issues or concerns with our relationship, so I ask Amanda what is up. Of course she didn’t want to talk about it or even talk to me, so I went back to dancing, and drinking until it was time to head to the hotel.

Heidi at this point began bashing me on facebook for forgetting Gellhorn’s name. Remember Amanda thought our romance was as epic as that of Hemingway and Gellhorn? So I responded to Heidi’s bullshit and had to read over 2 and a half hours of Heidi Blackburn ranting at me about what is wrong my relationship with Amanda. here’s a summary.

1. I am broke (yeah broke because i don’t get paid much and when I do get paid I give as much money to the Blackburns as i can.)

2. Amanda is stressed all the time. (we’re all fucking stressed all the time.)

those are 2 of the majors, and after Amanda found out about Heidi’s bullshit, she avoids me for 5 days, and then responds that Heidi has no business running her mouth to me, and that she is stressed because she is broke all the time, and not many people are reading her articles on MBN. I bite my tongue, and read intently what she’s writing on FB.

Meanwhile, A story I gave the Blackburns at the #opinnocence rally was that of Khylii Keffer. I had the father call me, and I passed the number off to the sisters. they never called him, and instead once again Heidi plagiarized anon pastebins to pass it off as a story. Never went to meet or interview the father, Pot was once again more important. I would eventually take over this story in April 2013.

By this time in March, I was burned out. Steubenville was killing me financially, and weighing heavily on my mind and body. I still was doing 20 plus hour days, and just spent. On my birthday, March 5th, Amanda and I broke up. I had gotten into yet another fight with her sister because the Blackburns felt I was getting all the credit for my work and theirs. They apparently forgot it takes time to build a following. Their articles  were averaging 100-500 reads. My coverage of Pittsburgh, and Steubenville were being read and picked up on other sites by the thousands. I pretty much told Heidi to go fuck herself, and Amanda broke up with me. The following day after covering a Pittsburgh City Council meeting, I was “kidnapped” by 3 anons who wanted to celebrate my birthday. I spent the next couple days riding atvs, drinking beer, and chillaxing in a hot tub after enjoying $70 steaks.

Amanda and I talked off and on during this break up, as she still wanted to cover the trial, and come hell or high water so was I. I was pretty depressed over the breakup, and Amanda kept hinting leading up to the trial here and I were gonna get back together…and then the fucking medical records happened.

The Medical Records of Jane Doe

The days leading up to the trial were hell on me. I had to last minute, speak with Fred Abdallah Jr. to get added to the media list for Rustbelt Radio Pittsburgh, and I had tried to get the Blackburns into the media room, but once again smoking weed and procrastinating were too important. They finally got back to me with 5 minutes to get their info to Fred before he left. All I had to do was submit everything I have ever worked on for Rustbelt, and MBN, as well as digital copies of my press passes. Needless to say after a fight with Amanda trying to help her, She didn’t get on the list, and was bitching about how her entire family is broke and may be losing their house. I offered to skip the trial, give Amanda what little personal cash I had left, the donations I received to cover the trial, and sell everything I owned to at least cover their $800 electric bill. Behind the scenes, I contacted every anon I knew, and promoter I knew to try and organize a fundraiser to help the Blackburn family out. Amanda just kept refusing our help, and following the trial and her true colors being revealed, I dropped the attempts to help.

2 or 3 days before the trial, I was supposed to get a copy of the witness list from someone in high places. Amanda was flipping out on me demanding to see the list, and I told her I can;t it’s confidential and can’t risk it being leaked online. I never got the witness list, but someone from anonymous had Jane Doe’s ER and hospital Rape report and asked if I wanted it. I still don’t know what HIPPA is, but said sure send it. I received 13 pages of documents. Amanda became desperate, literally harassing me every 13 seconds until I agreed to send her the records as well, on the condition they don’t get leaked anywhere, or until I could figure out the legalities of releasing such info while protecting my source. Amanda immediately wanted to sell these records to Time Magazine, WTOV, WTRF, CNN in exchange for cash, and a permanent paying media job. I said fuck that noise. So after consulting an attorney, and speaking with my source, I released 3 pages of the reports redacted to hell and back. The pages I released showed where the rumors of Hanlin’s kid being implicated from. (he has never been charged by the way and is therefore innocent in the eyes of the law.) The suggestion of a 3rd video somewhere. (it came out in court that this wasn’t true and actually referenced the NODI video instead. I also had access to the drug test report which came back negative. I released that information redacted in the interest of the people’s right to know, and haven’t thought about it since. I feel as though I did nothing wrong with releasing those 3 out of 12 pages. Jane Doe’s friends were aware of what I released and according to them, everyone was ok with what I released. (do you really think after this entire case I didn’t have contact with Jane Doe’s family thru her friends? You are damn right I did and I have never used or exploited those contacts. I also will protect my source until the very end. That means throw me in a cell if ya have to judge. 🙂

Heidi throws another temper tantrum and assaults me on facebook, i called her out as someone who writing 2 articles felt she knew more than the rest of us. I went thru the same phase when I was new and learning, but fuck you, You are not selling this girls medical records to media for financial gain.

I rented a Uhaul cargo van, and converted it into a make shift news van. Cot in the back, clothes on a bungee chord and my trusty laptop. Amanda asked me to bring Tom Jefferson down with me to save her some gas money, and I agreed. I drove to the ville the night before the trial and was supposed to have my van parked in it’s spot by 10 PM outside the Jefferson County Juvenile Justice Center. The girls , decided my deadline wasn’t important and made us wait outside of Plain Jane’s till 11 PM. At 11, I said fuck it meet us at media alley, and checked my van in. What I didn’t know is that Pops also got copies of these medical records, and released them all unredacted until peeps asked him to take them off the net.

Tom and I were talking briefly about Amanda and Heidi, and I asked when they pulled up since they were both so mad (jealous actually) at me, if I should even bother saying hello. Tom said just say nothing and drive away. I took his advice not knowing by this point Tom had turned on me in the interests of continuing to fuck Heidi. The Blackburns arrive, andi was busy putting tags up on the van for Mobile Broadcast news and organizing my gear before I went to sleep.

Amanda approached me on the passenger side door, and one look into her eyes, I wanted to melt in her arms and cry. “hi.” is all I said. She gave me my dog tags back, and asked if I was going to talk to her. “You’re so pissed at me right now, that Tom told me not to I said.” Amanda wanted to talk, so I showed her the back of the van, My home for the next 5 days covering the trial. She laughed and kinda mocked me saying I live like a carnie. (obviously she never has had to do this to cover a story or has ever been at an indy media convergence center.) We talked for a good half hour. Her apologizing for Heidi once again sticking her nose into and fucking with our relationship. We hugged for awhile, and I asked one last time if she wanted to cover the trial with me. She said yes, and asked how since her press pass wasn’t credited. I told her it’s open to the public and to be back by 6 am to wait in line. We hugged some more kissing each other on the cheek, and then she said she had to go take Heidi and Tom home and listen to Heidi’s mouth. She would see me at 6.

I had trouble sleeping the night before the trial, so I walked media alley for awile, talking to what late night techs were on by their trucks, and walking downtown Steubenville for a bit. It was deathly silent out, and a bit cold and dark. A sign of things to come I told myself and retreated to my van to watch a movie.

Amanda showed up late for the public waiting list, and I had already received my press pass and was over in the media area waiting to be led to our media room. I kept going over to Amanda for some polite chit chat, as I could tell she was nervous. Amanda didn’t get into the courtroom the first day, and I stayed until lunch before asking her what she wanted to do. Tom and Heidi spent the day at Plain Jane’s shit talking anonymous, me and the trial. Heidi so far as to say that Amanda is hurting her journalistic integrity by working with me, as I am hated in Steubenville. (again I didn’t know 2 , and ladies who have only written 3 articles each were such esteemed members of the media community, and besides fuck what people think. You’re going to be hated for what you cover at times…it happens get over it.)

“Don, I don’t want you sleeping in that van for 5 days. I want you to sleep next to me and stay at my house.” Amanda told me. I knew there may be drama if I did that, and I debated staying in the van (or at some anon’s hotels as they invited me) and I really wanted to spend time with Amanda. I agreed to stay with her, but told her that I am in town to work for 5 days, and I would not tolerate drama, and that I needed to be focused for all 5 days.

We went back to her house and did the usual Blackburn Experience: Smoke Pot, Cartoons, Wash Rinse and Repeat. I tried being civil with Heidi over polite convo, and that worked the first day. I could feel the tension in the air, and decided to keep my mouth shut for the remaining 4 days. The parents could sense the drama too, I said hello to them, but kept silent. I would not cause any drama here. I really wanted to go back to the van, but it was too late.

Day 2 of the trial Amanda and I were hanging out in my media van. She leaned over and kissed me and told me she wanted to be my girlfriend again. Amanda was smiling, and hanging on me a bit with that you’re a rockstar look in her eyes again as I would do Live stream updates for anonymous and the viewers I had at home.
Amanda would get pissed because I would run out to do my job, and I told her this is how it’s done.

We’d return to her place and Heidi would be screaming at me to get the fuck out etc. Only Heidi didn’t have the guts to say that to my face, She’d verbally abuse Amanda for 30 minutes at a time while I would be in another room. Amanda and I would write out articles at night. I’d finish my articles with 500 plus words within 20 minutes. (I’m used to writing articles by now) Amanda would spend 2-3 hours writing. How I work with a partner usually is whoever is writing last has to take both articles and merge them together. She didn’t seem to mind this style, but later would publicly bash me with her sister as not working or making her do all the work….FUCK YOU for that btw.

The trial dragged on, we’d visit with anons at their hotels for drinks. Amanda would continue to get pissed at me 1. for hanging out with Local Pittsburgh Reporter Cara Sapida. (My media BFF) Cara and I go all the way to Occupy Pittsburgh, and many stories we covered together for our respective outlets. She was fun to be around and we could always joke with one another. During courtroom breaks, we’d all dash to the elevators to do updates, and Amanda would be pissed i’d be running out with Cara a couple times she was taking her time to exit the courtroom or public viewing room.

At one point during Jane Doe’s testimony I had to step out to 1. do an update, and 2. her testimony got to me especially when she began crying when showed a previously unreleased picture of her naked on the night in question. Amanda comes running out to yell at me and call me a insensitive prick. I started crying a bit.. My emotions exploding. I told her this is how it fucking goes, you get the news out as quick as you can. I then told her to start fucking doing some live updates then. She hugged and kissed me and told me things were going to be ok.

We continued our work thru the verdict and on the day after the verdict, when we were working on our jointRustbelt Radio piece, she told me all the shit Tom and Heidi were talking on me. I knew and told her right then and there, “great, I’m never going to see you again am I when I pull out of this lot huh?” She told me she loved me and that would never happen. I was supposed to receive an award for my work in media the following week from members of the Pittsburgh community. Amanda promised she’d be there as long as I could give her some money. i told her I would, and Kissed her goodbye and headed back to the burgh.

4 days later, Amanda stopped by my house before dropping Tom off. She hugged and kissed me told me that there’s been drama, and she has to think about coming up for my award. Tom and Heidi spent those 4 days verbally bashing Amanda into hating me, as well as putting her in touch with my ex girlfriend(who i ended on bad terms with as she snitched me out) and my Pittsburgh haters spreading those rumors. 2 days after Amanda broke up with me again, I was too broke for her she said, and then when I asked if she just used me for media coverage, and notoriety, she replied. “Yes, I suppose I did. I’m sorry for that, but I did.”

Devasted, I sunk into a depression that would last thru April. I received My award on a Saturday in March. A friend was having a birthday party, so I took 2 of my friends to said party with me.


The Live Stream Incident

At this party, the Whiskey was flowing freely. I got whiskey drunk which is no excuse for what happened later.
Someone went live on their ustream channnel and stuck a camera in my face asking me about Amanda. I drunkenly rambled for several minutes, saying how much I loved her, but she fucking used me. I even said fuck you Amanda and flipped the bird. I called her out for smoking pot so much too. She saw this video. So did her sister. Heidi immediately recognized 2 anons who were unmasked in the background and publicly outed them with the link to the video.

I saw this online and sent Amanda a message that her sis better knock it off, or anons would probably come after them with doxes for the outings. I then passed out drunk after eating a bunch of sleeping pills in the hopes of killing myself.
I wake up at 8 am and realize that anons are attacking both Amanda and Heidi. I Immediately apologized publicly and privately to Amanda for my actions on the video. i was out of line and there is no excuse for this behavior.

I then began protecting Amanda from the upset anons reminding them it was Heidi NOT Amanda who outed them. I stayed out of that mess aside from protecting Amanda. Her and I occasionally spoke, Me being accused of rallying the entire anonymous nation after her and her sister. Nope that was ur sister’s actions kiddo. I replied. half the info on their doxes anyways were containing info found on public websites anyways.

I never saw Amanda again after that night I drove out of town, but I knew the sisters were up to something in the coming months. I have eyes and ears everywhere. As I’m sure there are eyes and ears on me everywhere I go. Eventually someone contacted me and Amanda thru MBn wanting to do a documentary and asking If her and I would be Producers. I agreed, and spoke with Amanda briefly on it, she seemed interested. I told her to speak with the film company. Amanda went into a rage when she found out the company for the most part was concentrating on the work of prinnie and my initial work in the ville, and that she (Amanda) would be a small note in the film as she just covered the trial. I don’t know about you folks, but to be paid for your work as a producer on a film while getting any kind of mention in said film is a pretty good deal. She blocked me from FB, Twitter and blah blah blah shortly after that while spreading rumors to some people that I “raped people.” good luck with those false allegations btw. My legal record is clear aside from some disorderly conducts when I was 18. I had a DUI but that has been expunged. And how could I rape people If I have only been with 6 women in my life. (her being the 6th.) Those false rumors were retracted quickly. but judging from what I’ve read from hacked emails belonging to the black burns, fb messages etc, these 2 girls were not only working with Joey Ortega (the guy they made fun of for months.) but they were all going to wage a personal war against myself, and Anonymous.

Which brings us to why I am setting the record straight. Icurrently have several lawsuits pending against the Blackburns for Slander, Libel, and Defamation of Character. I know the Blackburns are broke, and my only option would be to sue her parents as they still live on that property and then seize assets as damages. I don’t necessarily want to do that, but I don’t need my name and my career smeared either. I’ve given up far too much, and busted my ass to much to let shit get fucked up. So we’re currently waiting to see what else the sisters are going to post before we fire the legal lazers. To address someone’s concern of how can I have lawyers if I’m broke: I have lawyers in Pittsburgh, New York, California and Ohio who support my work and have offered their support and services at no charge for this pending case and anything I need in the future. I say this not to brag, but to tell you the truth and how shit works.


Recently after being attacked by anons again, Amanda and Heidi tried having me arrested by Jefferson County Sherrifs. I spoke with the Sergeant who took the report, and who knows exactly who I am. I explained I have nothing to with it, and as he’s aware, anonymous takes no shit, and I will not interfere one way or another on whatever is going on between them and the Blackburns. I am busy doing other shit and only spoke with Amanda via an email to let her know of my intent to sue. The Sgt told me I have done nothing wrong, laughed about it as she demanded he read all these tweets, and said he ain’t reading shit. AS long as the gilrs publicly write shit “as news” people can and will respond. let my lawyers handle her on our dispute, and sorry for wasting my time. I hung up with the Sherrif, and laughed.

The other night, I was talking with one of the Steubed villians on twitter. I asked them to somehow work out a deal and have me arrested. She told me I am already being investigated. I know I did nothing wrong, but if it means that Amanda will get some kind of satisfaction and be able to move on with her life, I am ok with going to jail. If me going to jail somehow helps the town of Steubenville heal, and the Steubvillans and anons to stop fighting with one another, so be it. I am your dog to kick. I am ok with being a martyr.

I after all still love Amanda Blackburn, and want her to be happy. The only “Crime” I am guilty of is failing to make her happy. Although I believe being with me may never have been her intention. I’d have given her the world if I could have.
But I’ve moved on with my life, and she has not.

AMANDA:I’m sorry for every thing you feel I have done wrong against you Amanda. I LOVE YOU, But you have to let me go kid. Move on, Be happy. Live your life. I’ve let you go months ago and haven’t thought about you at all until these personal attacks have started up again.

Just go be happy. Plz. If bashing me is what will make you happy, Go for it, but I won’t tolerate lies.

So there you have it my friends, The story of Amanda and I with full facts. All personal shit left out for, well because it’s none of your god damn business. I now consider this matter closed. I don’t want to hear about or discuss the Blackburns and their bullshit ever again.

Do I get my 30 pieces of silver for responding to this drama and fulfilling your need for more drama?



Comments on: "@Nunyaman——Chapter 5: Medical Records and Blackburn Jackassery" (6)

  1. dude you re stupid!!! keep trashing her. pathetic.

  2. Okay sin, here’s the deal. I don’t know you, her, any of these people, or even what the hell this is all really about. This is making the rounds on facebook and blowing up, as these things will. I have no stakes in this game. So I just read this long piece of self-pitying, badly written, sanctimonious drivel, and here is my entirely free piece of advice to you which you probably won’t listen – take this piece of shit down. If you have a lawyer, he or she is probably shitting his pants.
    Also, am I right in guesstimating that you imagine you have some career in journalism? If so, you’re either a miserable failure or you write this entire miserable little screed while smoking a big fat blunt in between crying over this Amanda chick. Put down the fucking blunt, find the spell and grammar check function on your computer because you sorely fucking need it, child. Go back to journalism school (if you even went) and try to pass with better than a C this time. better yet, go to fucking rehab. Also, man up and stop being a pathetic little whiny stalker bitch of a man.
    I rue the five minutes of my life I spent reading this. I hope when you sober the fuck up you rue the several minutes you spent crying into your blunt typing it.

    • Ok I have a respectful response. Amanda wrote a bunch of lies and don said nothing. I thought it showed great restraint to not have an angry response to someone calling him a criminal.
      She has for months bashed don, bashed anons and outted certain anons who, at the time were actually on the run.
      Imo she deserves everything coming her way.
      She’s a crazy, drug addict , and a criminal. She has a delusion of being famous and she wanted to sell a rape victim’s medical records to Time magazine.

  3. waa waaa someone broke up with me waa waaa said:

    so funny that don keeps posting comments on here pretending it’s not him. as if anyone else would ever come to his defense. seriously dude, you just lie out your teeth nonstop, you use people, you are self-obsessed and pathetic. stop embarrassing yourself.

    • When Don Comments, he always posts his name. I know being the admin. WordPress collects ips and I know Don’s ip. Thank you for being incredibly rude.

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