Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

This was brought to my attention today. They had the R.O. sent to the wrong address and it was dismissed. I’m really interested in knowing how someone stalks you, but has zero phone contact, zero social media contact, and Don lives at least 30 minutes away.

2013-01-26 23.16.17





Comments on: "BlackBurn Nuts File What?" (1)

  1. For the record I don’t Live in Pittsburgh anymore, however I am in Pittsburgh for a couple months shooting a documentary on the homeless, and their struggles. Where i Live , well I have several addresses at the moment in multiple states, being that I TRAVEL to cover news across the country.

    secondly, These were documents and a notice of a hearing that were sent to a old address for me.

    thirdly, uh this is just more blackburn garbage.

    fourth I have not been charged with a crime at all, nor will I be.

    fifth, I just was made aware of this stuff today as well.

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