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MARTINEZ, Calif. β€”

A Concord man accused of having sex with children as young as 13 years old may face enhanced charges for being HIV positive and knowingly exposing his young alleged victims to the serious disease, prosecutors said.

The shocking crime involves an alleged HIV positive child molester from Concord.

According to prosecutors, 23-year old Anthony Tafoya of Concord sexually assaulted four minors age 13-to-15 years old from across the county.

Tuesday was the conclusion of Tafoya’s preliminary hearing on dozens of counts of sexually assaulting a minor over the course of a year. He has been ordered to go to trial.

There are additional allegations that he used force on one victim and committed a burglary.

Investigators said Tafoya met his alleged victims on Craigslist, the gay social website Grinder and other sites.

What made matters worse for everyone involved are allegations that Tafoya knows he is HIV positive and thereby knowingly left his young alleged victims vulnerable to infection.

“Over the course of the investigation, a series of different victims arose and the enhancements and other information including the allegations of the HIV and the evidence,” said Deputy District Attorney Alison Chandler.

Tafoya’s defense attorney Chris Varnell argued his client was misled by the people he met online.

“I think the evidence shows that the individuals met consensually,” said Varnell. “They met under false pretenses where my client believed at the time that they met, that they were 18 years old or older and on adult websites. And so I think that certainly needs to be explored.”

The judge denied a defense request for bail reduction, saying that Tafoya is a menace, a predator, and a parasite and that he is staying behind bars.

His arraignment is set for June 25th.



Comments on: "Concord child molester allegedly exposed young victims to HIV" (2)

  1. joseph hatchie said:

    t his is stormryder from B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) I see this person as a threat and a monster to society The judge was right in leaving him behind bars.No one should live in fear of this monster He will have to live with the fear that the people he hurt will now come back to avenge his crimes. Let it be known that people are aware of his crimes.Kudos to the people he hurt that they will stand up and finally be heard. your friend Stormryder

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