Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

pic from kgo channel 7

pic from kgo channel 7

A Contra Costa County jury found Marcelles Peter (20 of Pinole) and Jose Montano, (22 of Richmond) guilty in the 2009 gang rape of a 16-year-old outside her homecoming dance at Richmond High School. Montano’s jury deliberated for 11 hours. Peter’s jury deliberated for 7 hours.

Peter and Montano were found guilty of 3 felonies- Rape, Forcible oral copulation, and forcible rape, all in concert. They got a GBI (great bodily injury) enhancement. Both face 33 years to life.

During the six-week trial the juries heard from about 30 witnesses including  two men already convicted of the rape, Manuel Ortega serving a 32 year sentence and Ari Morales serving a 27 year sentence.

I’m excited this girl has once again found some sort of justice, however 2 more defendants are still awaiting trial-Richmond residents Elvis Torrentes, 25, and John Crane, 46. Torrentes is charged with sexual penetration of an intoxicated person. Crane, whose semen was found on the victim and various objects left at the scene, according to testimony, is charged with rape.


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