Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

@Anon4justice, an activist who attended Friday’s protest in Downtown Oakland against “Urban Shield” (an expo for SWAT Teams, military contractors, and police departments from all over the world) reports he was fired after Oakland PD sent his employer photos of him.

@Anon4justice took to twitter Monday morning explaining Oakland Police contacted his employer for “his vehicle being involved in a hit-and-run,” sent them pictures of him attending the demonstration, and he was fired for calling in sick.

Urban Shield (run by The Alameda County Sheriffs Department and funded by DHS) is held allegedly to fight terrorism and disaster preparedness in heavily populated areas. It’s an expo of tactical gear and weapons, but there are also real-world exercises of disaster response “war type games.”

More On Urban Shield The Event

Privacy SOS states:
If today’s events are any indication, Oakland residents can expect the police to use the vast troves of information the city collects against them to hurt them even when they have broken no law. This kind of government action sends a chilling message to all Oakland residents: If you protest the police, they will use the powerful surveillance tools at their disposal to come after you and interfere with your life — regardless of whether or not you’ve done anything wrong.








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