Outting bullies, Supporting Victims, and Serious News Stories all in one

Pic via Facebook

Pic via Facebook

Matthew Barnett and his friend Jordan Zech allegedly gave Daisy Coleman (age 14)  and Paige Parkhurst (age 13) alcohol and raped them  in his home then dumped Daisy on her front lawn in the freezing cold in January of 2012. Daisy and her mom went to the police, but for what people believe is political pressure from Matt’s well-connected family, the charges were dropped. The prosecutor of Nodaway County claims Daisy and her mom refused to cooperate with the investigation and they were “going to take the 5th.” Melinda Coleman calls this a lie.

In October, Daisy and her mom went to the media and told her story. It started with The Kansas City Star and quickly spread everywhere. (Paige and her mom went to the media a few days later) International media camped out in the small town of Maryville. The Nodaway County Prosecutor, Robert Rice, announced in a press conference an independent party has been asked to re-investigate this case. The same week there was a big rally in Maryville demanding justice for these two young victims.

A few days ago, Daisy Coleman attempted suicide and is currently in the hospital. Her mom says there is no brain damage to the relief of everyone who cares about Daisy, but Melinda did lash out at Anonymous for abandoning her daughter. Very understandable because she is under a great amount of stress.

Melinda Coleman told the media her daughter was run off the road in November. Daisy was harassed and bullied on Facebook because she briefly attended a party last weekend.

Coleman told the MailOnline that she let her daughter go to a party this past weekend. “Then she came home and saw Facebook. (One girl) decided to write something saying ‘you’re a fake and a phoney,’ ‘you wanted it’ and ‘you’re a slut’ because she went to the party.

She posted on Facebook:

“My daughter has been terrorized to the point she tried to kill herself last night. She may never be ok.”

One of Daisy’s bullies made comments like this-

“No one has ever got this much attention for being raped.” This woman also wants everyone to understand that she’s “smart enough not to put myself in those situations” (meaning, the situation to be raped). When other people called her out for blaming the victim, the woman got even angrier, saying, “I didn’t put the blame on her! I said I, MYSELF don’t put MYSELF in those situations!”

Alleged rape victims speak to CNN

Today, the independent investigation concluded with Matthew Barnett not charged with rape, but misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child. A charge he has pled guilty to and is now on 2 years probation.

So, let me get this straight- Daisy and her family have been constantly harassed and bullied, but the guy who actually committed the crime got away with a bogus charge and received 2 years of probation? How is this justice for the young girl in a Kansas City Hospital who’s gone through hell for a year?

What about the second victim? Paige Parkhurst’s family has said their vehicle broken into and 2 mutilated rabbits were placed on their seats. So, it’s safe to say Paige is going through the same harassment Daisy is.

Why are we making these young girls such  pariahs when they are the victims? Why do we choose in our society to blame the victims? Daisy went to a party for a few hours to be a normal teenager, and now it’s HER fault she was raped? She just wants to be normal and why shouldn’t she? Rape does not define a woman. It strengthens them.

Let’s give Daisy some encouragement and love. It’s what she deserves. Not all this bullying and harassment she has been going through since this rape happened. We should lift up victims, not tare them down for wanting to just hang out with her friends for a few hours.

To send love to Daisy use the hashtag #WeloveyouDaisy She needs support especially now that we know Matthew Barnett has gotten only probation and will be walking the same streets she does.

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