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3-year-old Kayleigh Slusher was beaten to death. Her mother Sarah Kreuger and her boyfriend Ryan Scott Warner were arrested at the El Cerrito BART station Sunday.

This is an obvious failure of the system. Napa Police were dispatched twice last week to the apartment. The first time was on Jan 27th for a disturbance. No one was arrested “it was an argument.” The second time was last Wednesday at 6pm “for a welfare check” after the police recieved reports the little girl wasn’t being fed and Kreuger was under the influence.


Credit: Dreamindemon

Nobody was under the influence,” Troendly said. The apartment was respectably clean. “She was OK,” he said of Kayleigh

Kayleigh’s father is currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison for violating his parole according to The California Department of Corrections.

Kayleigh’s father is full of sorrow at the loss of his daughter, the relatives said. “We sincerely appreciate all the support
the community has shown and we would like to ask you all to keep your focus on remembering Kayleigh and honoring her
life. She was truly a beautiful,smart, sweet little girl and she will be forever in our hearts.”

Kayleigh’s grandfather is beside himself with grief and can’t believe his daughter could murder his grandaughter.

“You couldn’t imagine what I am going through. The proudest moment of my life is gone forever and there is nothing we can do or say that is going to bring her back,” said John Kreuger, Kayleigh’s grandfather.


Pic via KTVU

The community has come together to support Kayleigh’s family and a memorial has been created outside of the apartment where she lived.

It appears Kayleigh will be released to her dad’s family for burial. No memorial fund has been set up for her.


Pic via Napa Valley Reg

Kayleigh’s body was found Saturday after police got an anonymous tip. She was in her bed, but Kreuger and Warner had already fled.

An autopsy was conducted on Monday. It appears Kayleigh suffered from blunt force trauma. Still unknown is if she was sexually assaulted. If she was sexually assaulted, the defendants would be eligible for the death penalty.

Her death happened on or about last Thursday. According to court records filed by Napa Police, “for three days the suspects stored (Kayleigh’s) body in (a) suitcase and then placed the body in a freezer.”

Both defendants were charged with murder and assault on a child resulting in death. Both charges carry 25-life sentences.

A police spokesperson told press that Kayleigh’s mother and boyfriend are both known users of meth and marijuana.

Court Documents




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