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Show Support For #BryanStow


Pic: support4bryanstow.com

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about the beating of Bryan Stow.

Bryan, a Paramedic with AMR, a father of two young kids, and an overall good guy who wouldn’t harm a fly just wanted to see the opening game of his favorite baseball team, and because he wore a Giants shirt, he was almost killed in the most cowardly way possible; A sucker punch to the back of the head, and after was kicked and beaten as he lay on the ground.

His life was forever changed on that fateful day. The 2 guys who did this, both already convicted felons, were caught and charged. It’s unfortunute these two were not charged with attempted murder, but instead Louie Sanchez plead guilty to felony mayhem, recieved  8 years and Marvin Norwood four years for felony assault. Norwood also faces Federal Firearm Charges.

In fact Norwood, known for his temper alleged wife beater, walked out of L.A. County Jail on Friday, but was quickly arrested by the Feds. He faces 10 years in Federal Prison. Sanchez, also a convicted felon, will serve time in State Prison.

Sanchez and Norwood, natives of Rialto, Ca both have kids around the ages of Bryan’s 2 kids who still struggle to understand why their dad will never be the same dad they both knew.


Pic: Support4brianstow.com

Bryan’s medical costs are mounting, and with his insurance limiting his therapies, they also thought he no longer needed a 24-hour care facility. His family has become his primary caregivers. He now lives with his parents in Capitola.

The San Francisco Giants have been so great to this family, visiting Bryan in the hospital, rehab facilities, and at his parents home, organized fundraisers, and his son Tyler threw out the opening pitch at a home game in 2012. Proceeds of ticket sales that day went to a fund for his mounting medical costs. Bryan also attended a World Series game against The Detroit Lions, which according to his family, he loved.

A recent update on Support4BryanStow.com
We recently shaved  Bryan’s head and it was shocking to see the damage to his skull. Seeing him stare at himself in the mirror was heartbreaking. Watching him touch the shunt that protrudes on the right side of his skull, the slightly sunken in left side and all the deep scars was heartbreaking. We tried to make light of it and told him that no one else would still be that good looking. Of course he agreed! We have mentioned it a million times, but his sense of humor is what keeps us all going.”

His medical costs are estimated to be 50 Million dollars in his lifetime. The family does have a pending lawsuit against The Dodgers and ex-owner, but still need any help they can get. Make any donation, and help this family continue to care for Bryan, and his kids. Here’s Ways To Donate

Bonds & Stow PSA

You can also send letters and cards of support-
P.O. Box 884 Capitola, CA 95010

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