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Another Justina?! #FreeJustina #Boston


The story of Justina Pelletier a sick 15-year-old teenager removed from her parents custody by Boston Children’s Hospital/DCF is heartbreaking, but is she the first child they have done this to?

I came across this article claiming they have done the same thing to another family with a sick child being treated at Boston Children’s Hospital, the same hospital Justina was being treated at.

Here’s a Snipped part of it-

My name is Kathleen McClung, I am from Fairmont WV, and my 8 year old son was taken by DCF March 20th, 2013. He is being put up for adoption.

My trial begins April 7th in Lowell, MA.

I took my son, February 1st [2013] to Boston Children’s Hospital, as a renal (kidney) failure patient. We came from a wonderful hospital in Pittsburgh, to be near family when we ended up homeless last year.

Our doctor,  in Pittsburgh spoke out for us, when we were accused of medical neglect in less than 50 days under the care of Boston Children’s Hospital Nephrology. The day they took my son, the ER doctor documented that by son was medically stable and well.

The following day they went to the Lowell juvenile court, and started my son was in life threatening medical crisis, asking with a four page affidavit, stating I failed to give my son life sustaining treatment daily (which I proved by the machines log he did receive), of not maintaining a renal diet, which had since been proven I did. And not giving my son his medication, of being RUDE & BELLIGERENT, and Aggressive.

October 2 the changed the goal to adoption, without cause.

June 6 after the months in isolation on 10 south in children’s hospital Boston, they moved my then seven year old son to their locked psych unit Bater 5, where he stayed until Oct 29th when he was moved into pre adoptive placement with the foster family in Boston.

I have had parenting, pysch, and drug evals proving I am fit, as has my husband, shortly after the d cf worker threatened my daughter we moved to Nashua NH or[sp, out] of their reach, living with my uncle.

I am asking for help, so much has happened in this year so many abuses towards my son and family and i can not seem to get anyone to listen. The hospital started they will refuse my son a life saving treatment if he returns to me, a kidney transplant.

But if he stays in dcf custody the heart damage and mental abuse he has received under their care is going to be the least of it. I am afraid, i want my son home he wants to be home.

We have done nothing wrong but come to Boston please please help my family. No one else will.

The Entire Article Here

Note- Good News For Justina and Her Family

#Justice4Daisy #OpNodaway

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.38.11 AM

On 8 January 2012 the lives of 2 young girls from Maryville, Missouri were forever changed. Daisy & Paige, two lifelong best friends were raped and then subsequently videotaped in the act. Daisy who was unable to even speak coherently let alone consent to sex, was raped by Matthew Barnett. Afterwards, Daisy was thrown onto her front lawn in 20 degree weather with no shoes, hair frozen, body shivering. In March of 2012 the charges against their attackers were dropped due to the poor investigation conducted by law enforcement.

On 9 January 2014, the world witnessed another injustice as a society plagued by rape culture was once again violated. Matthew Barnett plead guilty to a charge of Misdemeanor Child Endangerment & sentenced to only 2 years of probation, 100 hours of community service, and had to apologize to the victims. Matthew Barnett will not serve one single day in jail for the rape of Daisy Coleman. Matthew Barnett, the souless monster who raped a girl that couldn’t even speak and abandoned her body in the snow will not spend a day in jail. This will not be tolerated. We cannot allow rapists to walk the streets freely while survivors run and hide.

It’s time to put the Nodaway County officials who handled this case in 2012 under a spotlight. They must be investigated for their mishandling of this case. We will be asking state and/or federal officials to come into Nodaway County and perform said investigation. There is no doubt in my mind that if they handled this case properly, the guilty parties would be serving a jail sentence.

We have planned a rally and wish for everyone to spread this around. We are hoping to create a public forum where everyone can gather to support Daisy and contribute experiences that relate to her situation as well. Tell Nodaway County how this type of injustice will no longer be tolerated. We will continue to hold rally after rally after rally until our voices are heard and an investigation has begun.

Event: #OpNodaway Rally
Date: 22 February 2014 (gives people plenty of time to plan and show up)
Time: 11:00 am (Will run all day or until the crowd dwindles)
Where: Nodaway County Courthouse; 305 N. Main, Maryville, MO 64468
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1511769485713883

 Follow the twitter accounts @OpNodaway or @Justice4TVictim, if you wish to remain updated on the progress or have ANY questions.

Feel free to bring something to cover your face if you don’t wish to be known (Mask, Bandana, etc…)

We will be planning a twitterstorm for the future. Stay tuned on this development.

Nodaway County should have expected us.
#OpNodaway, engaged.


#Justice4daisy Daisy Coleman Suspect Not Charged With Sexual Assault

Pic via Facebook

Pic via Facebook

Matthew Barnett and his friend Jordan Zech allegedly gave Daisy Coleman (age 14)  and Paige Parkhurst (age 13) alcohol and raped them  in his home then dumped Daisy on her front lawn in the freezing cold in January of 2012. Daisy and her mom went to the police, but for what people believe is political pressure from Matt’s well-connected family, the charges were dropped. The prosecutor of Nodaway County claims Daisy and her mom refused to cooperate with the investigation and they were “going to take the 5th.” Melinda Coleman calls this a lie.

In October, Daisy and her mom went to the media and told her story. It started with The Kansas City Star and quickly spread everywhere. (Paige and her mom went to the media a few days later) International media camped out in the small town of Maryville. The Nodaway County Prosecutor, Robert Rice, announced in a press conference an independent party has been asked to re-investigate this case. The same week there was a big rally in Maryville demanding justice for these two young victims.


CNN Bows To FBI Pressure Over The #millionmaskmarch


The NewsRoom Exclusive

CNN Executive VP Tony Maddux was approached by representatives of the FBI Washington DC headquarters along with FBI special agents from the Atlanta Field office this week concerning the planned protests known as the Million Mask March.

Sources inside the CNN News tell the NewsRoom that pressure was used to prevent coverage of the protests that took place November 5th. According to CNN insiders, Mr. Maddux agreed with little consideration at the time. We are told his view was Anonymous would not be able to pull off such a large protest and thought it would be an easy deal to agree with FBI agents.

We are told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was notified after the meeting between Mr. Maddux and FBI agents had made the agreement to not cover any of the protests. There is no report as of yet if Mr. Blitzer tried to fight against this FBI deal or not.

With recent pressure by NSA and FBI officials on various news outlets concerning leaks and other national security reporting, we wonder if CNN has not just become a puppet for the US Government.

CNN was contacted several times via phone and email requesting a comment on this story. The last email sent to CNN is captured in this picture listed below.

We have told CNN that if they did not comment on this story, it would be considered fact. If CNN does choose to respond we will report.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/bwF6niW.jpg

Original Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=558402444229707&set=a.283924741677480.60873.282644191805535&type=1&theater


Tyler Graham Pleads Not Guilty #OpInnocence


The trial of the man accused of giving a two-year-old and STD began on Monday.

Tyler Graham is facing trial in Hancock County and is facing three counts: sexual assault, sexual abuse by custodian, and child abuse resulting in serious injury.

He plead not guilty to all three.

A public outcry was heard in the case when Graham was granted bail when the case first broke in February. A rally was held by the group Anonymous in Hancock County in support of the victim in the case, who was referred to as “Baby Jane.”

At the rally, money was collected to donate to the Comfort House in Weirton, which is part of the Hancock and Brooke Counties Child Advocacy Center.

In March, Graham was taken into custody after it was revealed he violated his bond by being in the vicinity of the victim’s house. According to the victim’s mother and grandfather, they saw Graham’s car pull up next to their house. The next day, the victim’s mother filed for a protective order.


Warning About A #Justice4Daisy Page #opmaryville

Statement/Release compiled by @Justice4TVictim



We are personally tired of seeing others being attacked, especially those that have helped further the cause of #Justice4Daisy, #Justice4Paige, and #OpMaryville. These attacks are happening within, coming from people that say they are working to further the cause. These people are, for lack of a better term, false prophets. They attack these people and all they’re doing is breaking the cause down. It’s time to put a stop to this now and we’ll start with one particular individual that has taken a forefront stance, causing the most issues.

You can find the page we’re talking about at the following url: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Daisy-Coleman-and-Paige-Parkhurst/449611545144252

The person behind this page is here: https://www.facebook.com/do.right.319

Now, if you scroll down his personal timeline, you will see what we’re talking about. He claims the cause is in danger. Just because you don’t see much about it in the media anymore, doesn’t mean it’s in danger. This guy has much to learn. If anything, it’s people like him that makes this cause be in danger.

Let’s recap:
1) Close to 500 people showed up to the first Maryville rally. That’s more then the amount that showed up at the first Steubenville rally on 28 December 2012.
2) A special prosecutor has been appointed to reopen the case and take another look at it. This particular prosecutor has years of experience in dealing with sexual crimes and even has a whole Special Victims Unit at her disposal.

Now, tell me, how is the cause in danger again? It’s going right along as planned.

Now, another little thing that this Do Right person said on his page, you can find the image link at the following url: http://imgur.com/HP1Dfbv

He states the page is ran by so called “true Anons.” He doesn’t have the right to dictate who is an Anon and who isn’t, nobody has that right. Anybody can be Anonymous. He also doesn’t realize that those who are running the op have been doing shit like this for years. Myself personally, I’ve been involved in Egypt, Syria, Greece, Turkey, Steubenville, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, Occupy Detroit, among a lot of others.

Then we have the following post, which he then later deleted: http://imgur.com/88IXP1N (The one on the left). I believe this pretty much speaks for itself.

What these guys don’t realize is that the more that Daisy & Paige are in the spotlight, the more pain it causes them and their families. This Do Right fella needs to let it go and allow the special prosecutor to do her job. NOTHING else can be done until she comes back with results.

Right now, I’m calling on everyone to go report that FB page. Shun the one behind that page. It’s radicalism like this that we DON’T need within the op. Thank you.


Maryville, Mo Attacked In Social Media-Response To Daisy Coleman Case #opmaryville #justice4daisy


Disclaimer-I didn’t write this. This was in the Washington Post and thought it would be an interesting perspective.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — My hometown is not the villain. Maryville has made headlines around the world since the front-page story of the Oct. 13 Kansas City Star describing how Daisy Coleman and her friend sneaked alcohol that January 2012 night at a sleepover, then ended up at the home of popular senior Matthew Barnett, drinking even more. That’s when things turned ugly. Really ugly. There are allegations that the 13-year-old was raped by a 15-year-old; that case went to juvenile court and the results are sealed. Daisy says Barnett raped her while his friend, Jordan Zech, videotaped part of the assault on a cellphone. Barnett has denied the accusations; he admits sex with Daisy, but say it was consensual.

Afterward, Daisy was left on the front porch in freezing temperatures, wearing just a t-shirt and sweatpants, her hair frozen by the time she was discovered by her mother. Felony charges were filed against the boys, and then dropped. A special prosecutor out of Kansas City is now looking at the case.

What has surprised me — and maybe it shouldn’t — is the level of hatred and vitriol directed toward not just the alleged rapists and the prosecutor who dropped the charges but everyone in Maryville. There’s almost a lynch mob mentality in the comments on social media. My hometown has been vilified as “a lawless hellhole” and its citizens “the scum of the earth.” One person commenting on Reddit said he hoped an F5 tornado would destroy the entire town and everyone in it. On Facebook, another poster wanted to “NUKE” the town; that sentiment was echoed by a St. Louis radio talk-show host.

Like the old-fashioned game of Telephone, mistakes and rumors have sprouted like mushrooms during a Missouri spring. Among
them: The girls were raped by “several” boys and left for dead; the Colemans’ house burned to the ground while they escaped with their lives (the house was vacant and no cause for the fire has been determined); Matthew Barnett’s grandfather, Rex Barnett, was a state senator and in charge of the committee that funded the sheriff’s office (he was in the state legislature from 1994 to 2002).

The entire population of Maryville —some 12,000 people, plus the 7,000 college students at Northwest Missouri State University — did not rape Daisy Coleman, nor did all of them participate in the the bullying,the name-calling or the threats afterward. Not everyone in town even knows each other.

We’re not talking about some bucolic version of Mayberry in the 21st century here. Sure, Maryville is small when compared to Kansas City or Chicago, but it’s the largest community in a nine-county area in northwest Missouri and is surrounded by even smaller towns with anywhere from 50 to 500 people.

Plenty of “outsiders” move here; Mayor Jim Fall originally hails from Albany, Mo., the same town that the Colemans left. Of course the superintendent of the local school system, Larry Linthacum, would be expected to play cheerleader to the town, but he did point out the community’s social diversity. “There’s a great mix of people associated with the college, with manufacturing and with agriculture in a rural setting,” he said. “It’s a unique combination.”

It’s not some haven for inbred rednecks, as some of the media suggest.

But the hacker activist group Anonymous declared war not on the alleged rapists or the prosecutor, but on the town of Maryville, issuing a press release, “If Maryville won’t defend these young girls, if the police are too cowardly or corrupt to do their jobs, if justice system has abandoned them, then we will have to stand for them. Mayor Jim Fall, your hands are dirty. Maryville, expect us.”

Fall told me he’s received at least 300threatening e-mails since then. “I was surprised at the tone of the emails —the language and vulgarity,” he said. “They would write how can you ever sleep at night or may your soul burn In everlasting hell — except laced with four-letter words and expletives.”

Technically, it wasn’t even Maryville but Nodaway County that failed when it comes to legalities. Because the Coleman home is outside of the city limits, it was the county sheriff’s office that conducted the criminal investigation.

It was Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice who charged Matthew
Barnett with felony sexual assault and Jordan Zech with sexual
exploitation (for videotaping) and then dropped the charges in March
because, he said, the Colemans failed to cooperate, while Melinda Coleman blames the influence of the Barnett family.

By Oct. 16, just three days after the story in the Star, Rice called for the
appointment of a special prosecutor, saying he realized the Colemans would cooperate after seeing their comments on a television interview. Still, the attacks have continued. The Nodaway County government Web
site was shut down as a precautionary measure. Although the Maryville city site remained online, some information was removed, Fall said.

The Colemans, mother and daughter, have appeared on CNN each evening to discuss aspects of the case. They were eventually joined by the previously unidentified friend, Paige Parkhurst. (Although the Washington Post does not usually identify victims of rape, in this case both young women have gone public.)

A protest demanding “Justice for Daisy,” organized by Kansas City women’s activist Courtney Cole, was planned for Oct. 22 in the courthouse square. Anonymous joined forces with Cole in support of the demonstration.

Monday brought the announcement of the special prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker, who serves as prosecutor for Jackson County, which includes Kansas City, Mo. That news didn’t cancel the demonstration, however. Instead, Cole shifted the focus to support Daisy and Paige and all victims of sexual abuse.

Up to 500 people attended the rally, far fewer than the expected 2,000. The speakers — who were nearly drowned out by a hovering helicopter from the highway patrol — talked more about “rape culture” than the stories of Daisy and Paige. But the gathering remained peaceful. There was no violence. There was no riot. There wasn’t even a counter-protest, although a separate area had been cordoned off. Every officer and deputy from Maryville Public Safety, the campus police force and the Sheriff’s office were on duty that night, along with 20 Missouri State Highway Patrol.Troopers.

Anonymous showed up as well. Some of them refused to speak, but a couple were interviewed on camera. I talked with one who said he was there for “justice.”

After the rally, the media finally left the city. Fall said his daughter told him Wednesday she noticed on one news site that the Maryville rape story was trending three places below an article on what’s happened to the cast members of the Roseanne television show.

Meanwhile, Maryville struggles to get back to normal. I asked Fall about the impact on the city. He sighed before answering. “I don’t have any idea how to quantify it or measure the quality or the extent of the damage….Time will tell.”

Maryville Daily Forum news editor Tony Brown summed up the situation: “…stories like this never quite go away, and in some ways
Maryville will probably never be quite the same place. Lives have been changed, and when that happens towns change too.”

—-Written By: Diana Reese—–

Washington Post

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