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Trouble Begins

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Let me start by saying this. Rumors began to fly early on in this case but one poor girl became a victim of defamation by a landslide. Makenzie Santoro was out of town at a family reunion in Pennsylvania on the night of August, 11th. Over 70 people in her family can attest to that. Not to mention all those being at the parties never saw her. Her name was never mentioned in any court documents or testimony. She was blind sided by false accusations. Once an innocent young girl with freedoms and promising friendships, now finds herself afraid. Because of the picture put with her name everyone knows who she is and what she looks like. Her parents are horrified for her to be out of their site for even a moment. As we would all be. Is this fair or just? After all justice is what we are all seeking. The freedoms and ability to clearly say what you want without any consequences is something that clearly needs changed. Before this event, when her name was googled, what you would see was the money she helped raise for cancer research as a young girl. Now, that search is terrifyingly different. I will make it my mission to give this young girl back her name and life as it should be.

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Screen Shot of A False Accusation. The whole “defense fund” Tweets were a joke.


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