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@Prinniedidit —Why Steubenville Matters


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First of all, I would like to point out a misconception about Steubenville as a whole.  There ARE good, decent, hard-working people who live in Steubenville, Ohio who are unfortunately being labeled because of the abhorrent behavior by a handful of miscreants who continue to victim blame and shame Jane Doe on a regular basis.  These good people are also afraid to speak openly about this behavior for fear of retaliation against them or their families, and with good reason.  I have been the target of harassment for over a year by these people.  I can’t say that I blame anyone local for not wanting to speak out against them because they have to live there among these people.  I have also been the subject of a lawsuit filed against my anonymous commenters and myself for speaking out about this case. (copy of lawsuit here)

I have said little publicly about this case for a long time.  I have ignored the insults and hate speech for longer than anyone else would have.  The families of those involved have threatened to sue me for what amounts to nothing more than internet butt hurt for the past year now.  I have been accused of being everyone on the internet that speaks out against them and they have harassed, targeted, intimidated and shit talked my family, innocent friends and myself for over a year.   Their hatred of me has become a very sick, unhealthy obsession. I am reminded of the question I asked myself on August 22, 2012 when I first read about this case:  Why would these kids act this way? The answer is very clear:  Look at the examples they have in their lives.  They have adult role models in their lives who bully, harass and intimidate others for speaking out, so why wouldn’t these kids opt instead to do nothing but shame, blame and bully Jane Doe on social media?

I am not a US citizen.  I am a German immigrant who proudly lives in this country and loves everything about America.  I have been a staunch defender of the right to free speech and vehemently fought for the rights of my anonymous commenters to remain anonymous when we were sued by the family of Cody Saltsman with regard to the Steubenville rape case.  I could have had the attitude every man for himself when I was sued, but I didn’t.  I rallied behind my John Doe defendants and ultimately was able to enlist the assistance of the ACLU to represent them so that anonymous speech was protected; and more importantly that their identities were protected.  Even as an immigrant, I am entitled to “unalienable rights” as afforded by the Constitution:  the protection of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.  Over the past year, I have been a target of hate speech; I have been hunted like an animal by individuals wishing to expose where I live, where I work or who I may have relationships with.  Why?  Because I wrote about a rape case involving their not so compassionate children.  I have purposely not disclosed where I live because these people are unhinged, and people with stalker obsessions are capable of doing bad things.  So, yes…I am in hiding.  NO ONE should have to live like this.  They are so hell bent on destroying me as a person that they have and continue to inhibit my right to earn a living and the right of those who may work for me to earn their living.  Because of their behavior and absolute intent on destroying or causing me physical harm, I am not even in a position to file a police report…because that would disclose my location and potentially put me in danger.


(Her entire story here)  http://prinniefied.blogspot.com/2014/01/why-steubenville-matters.html

Alexandria Goddard: STOP THE RUMORS!

Alexandria Goddard of Prinniefied.com clears up the rumors about her Defamation Lawsuit.

“There has been a lot of false
information being disseminated
regarding the dismissal of the
defamation suit filed against
myself and 25 unnamed John Doe
Defendants and I wanted to take a
moment to clear up some of those
rumors. First and foremost, there
was no settlement in terms of
agreements not to discuss the
case or even stop talking about
Cody Saltsman. On or about
December 20, the Plaintiffs
approached us wishing to dismiss
the defamation claim WITH
PREJUDICE. They asked if Cody
could post a statement on my blog,
and I was glad to allow him to do
so. I did not HAVE to do anything,
nor was I forced to post anything
about the case in return for a
dismissal. I chose to provide a
statement because many people
were following the case and
wanted to know what was going

I was not forced to stop talking
about Cody or the case. If I wanted
to call him a little booger eater…I
could, but I won’t. What he did was
really crappy and there is no
excuse for it, but at least he made
the attempt to right his wrongs. As
part of the settlement we did not
pay any money; we did not agree
to retract any statements, nor did
we agree to stop covering the case
or discussing it. I was glad that
Cody wanted to make a statement.
In all honesty, whether people
choose to believe him or not — he
is the ONLY person thus far to
have the testicular fortitude to
stand before the public’s judging
eyes and try to explain his actions
or inaction that night. For that, I do
give the kid MUCH credit. He has
done more in that respect than any
adults who have been implicated in
this nightmare of a case. There
were never any threats made to
him or others on this site. People
discussed this case much like you
and someone who might be
sharing a cup of coffee and
discussing a hot news item.

blog afforded locals a place to talk
about the case, and individuals
theorized and discussed rumors
that they heard. I had many inside
sources from various agencies in
Steubenville and if something was
a rumor and I could confirm that it
was so — I posted that info to try to
clear up any misinformation. I do
not post anything that I can’t vet.
Why didn’t I talk to the New York
Times? I was being SUED and my
attorneys made a statement for

I have never accused law
enforcement of not doing their
jobs. I know many of the
policemen who wear the uniform of
Steubenville Police Department
and have known the chief for many
years. I would never say anything
to demean or malign them. I have
maintained all along that I am not
law enforcement and I have no
knowledge of the way they
investigated this case other than
what has been released via the
media or through court
transcripts. Perhaps the
department was overwhelmed and
understaffed to handle an
investigation with a cyber
component as they referred the
hacking of rollredroll to the federal
authorities. I have, however,
encouraged people who do have
questions or concerns to speak
out. I believe in the right to
maintain an opinion and to uphold
the First Amendment – as proven
by my refusal to not request
dismissal based on jurisdiction
and a Section 230 defense. I could
have easily walked away from this
case early on and left my
commenters hanging, but instead
of running away – I chose to stay
and fight for what I believed in.
Opinions are not always nice, but
that is the type of speech that
needs to be protected the most.

This case is very important on
many different levels: both legally
and socially. I leave you with a
copy of the settlement and release
so that you can view it and make
your own informed decision.”

Well, there ya go. Stop the rumors, stop hating.

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