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Josh Shipp Helping or Exploiting?


I wonder if Josh shipp so-called motivational speaker and host of “Teen Trouble” is exploiting the teenagers he claims to help.

He puts them through hell, its suppose to speed up “rock bottom,” and then sends them to so called treatment centers.

Is he doing it because he wants to help or is he doing it to make good TV?

An interview Josh gave To San Jose Mercury News

Another interview

Josh Shipp, for example, in one episode sends a heroin addict named Chelsea to Copper Canyon Academy. Copper Canyon has been rocked with allegations of abuse.
From ccasurvivors.com

” To work off most work hours-usually if you had more than five,
people with less were let off easier-you were woken up at 5 AM by being
shaken awake by a staff member.
You had to walk across campus with
them to either clean classrooms
classrooms, bathrooms, or pull weeds or shovel rocks. Shoveling rocks basically had no purpose except to punish us with
physical labor, and was abusive and

Some of the more self-serving staff
members would allow you to work
off a work hour by doing something
like throwing a soda can away for
them, which happened to me once. I
got six work hours taken off by the
drama teacher, Adam, for stepping in
to play a role in the school play last
minute. There was no formula or any
written rules regarding work hours.”

Another testimony reads:

“I’m depressed. its hurt relationship with my fiance. I have ptsd and anxiety. I barely leave my

Another place Josh sent one of his “troubled teens” is called
Axios Youth Community in Colorado.
Axios has had some allegations of sexual abuse.
Allegations of Sexual Abuse at One of Their Facilities


Sexual Abuse Alleged by Former Employee
Former Director Charged

Speaking about Cooper Canyon Academy-
I wan’t allowed to talk for most
of the time I was there,” former
student Blayke Navon, 18, who was not on the show but is one of the school’s most vocal critics, tells The Post.

Navon, who had no history of substance abuse or illegal
behavior, was 15 when she was forcibly removed from her home at 5 a.m.

“Two people came into my room, woke me up and told me I needed to go with them,” she remembers. “I thought I was being kidnapped.”

CCA “is like a Nazi concentration camp,” says Navon’s mother Laurie, who yanked her daughter out after
just 6 weeks. “I thought I was sending her to a top notch boarding school. She still has nightmares about it.”

Laurie Navon says the school disciplined her daughter, who was battling anorexia, by placing her on food restriction.

In 2011, CCA employee Randy Young resigned after being reported for sexually abusing a student, but the center remained open.

On “Teen Trouble,” Shipp –who has no formal license or training — attempts to set wayward youth straight by locking them in jail or forcing them sleep with the homeless.

After teens appear on the show, they are often offered extended treatment at residential rehab centers.

The tuition for these facilities —$6,000-$8,000 a month — is
waived in exchange for Shipp’s on-air mentions, the show’s
producer, Bryn Freedman, confirms.
NY Post

So does Josh know of these allegations and does he get paid for sending these kids to certain facilities?

Is it OK to re-victimize these troubled kids who already have mental disorders and addictions?

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