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Facebook Page Titled “The Real Steubenville Story”

As you know, there have been people in Steubenville attempting to undermine the public and media regarding the Big Red Rape Case. I know of 2 women Jackie Sacripanti, and Nicole Lamantia who are behind this. In fact, they are not getting the real info out. Although some info I acknowledge has been false, there are facts damaging to Steubenville that certain people are just trying to cover up. 

Out pops this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real-Steubenville-Story/497416486963713




I’ve gone through this Facebook Page (Founded on January 27,2013) Interesting because this is around the date 2 blogs started by these same people were deleted. 

  • They revisit a lawsuit dismissed and settled 2 months ago. Why revisit something that’s over? They want to trash the blogger Prinnie. 



So far, that’s really all that page has accomplished. I advise you to report this page for the slanderous material posted by those who own this page. 

UPDATE- I was just infofmed the page has been removed. I guess people can’t stand the heat.

Was Nodianos More Than Just Stupid?


Four National Organizations are calling on the Ohio Attorney General to investigate a Steubenville man who’s video was seen all over the country.
National Organization For Women, Ultraviolet, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Justice for Children, want Michael Nodianos investigated for failure to report a crime.
Nodianos is the man laughing and joking about the girl being raped in Steubenville.
His attorney, Dennis Mcnamara, said he only saw the girl leave with two individuals.

Nodianos can be seen laughing saying things like “She’s deader than Caylee Anthony” and “They raped her harder than marcellus Washington raped that one dude in Pulp Fiction” seemly acknowledging a rape took place that night.

His lawyer said it was stupid, but not a crime. He goes on to say Michael is a good kid from a good family, but made a stupid decision while drunk.

Is it a crime to not report a rape?

Busted Bitches and Internet Stalkers

Decisions in #Steubenville Big Red Rape Case

Decisions came down today regarding the Steubenville, Ohio rape case. Last week, visiting Juvenile Judge Thomas Lipps heard various motions regarding the trial originally scheduled to start in mid Feb, but now wil not start till March.

1- Closure of the courtroom to the public: Denied

2- Change of venue: Denied

3- From the prosecution: Motion to exclude alleged victims sexual activity and partners:
The alleged victims Sexual relationship with the defendants, evidence on the number of partners she’s had, STD’s and pregnancies are prohibited.
Any evidence in this nature must be heard first in front of the judge at least 3 days before the trial begins.

4- Motion to refer to the victim as “the accuser
The victim will be referred to as “alleged victim.”

5- Motion on the Nodianos video
The court refused to as they call it “take judicial notice of the Nodi video.” It further says the court has not viewed the video and won’t unless submitted into evidence.

6-Motion to take judicial notice of 3 immunity deals given by the prosecution:
Denied. “The existance of agreements may be pertinent regarding the credibility of witnesses”

7- Motion to ask Jefferson County to pay for private investigators:
Approved. Both defendants were declared indingent, so the court approved the county to pay $2,500 for a private investigator.
Also approved because the case is complicated and the court is concerned about the defendants getting a fair trial.

8-Motion to continue the trial because extra time is needed to prepare:
Approved. The trial scheduled to start in Feb will now start in March.  The trial dates are March 13, 14 and 15th.

Side Note: Although the court proceedings will remain open, the media must comply with “Rule 12” Witnesses and victims have the right to object to being photographed and video taped. If they do object, the media will not video tape or take pictures of them.

Jefferson County To Pay Bill For Private Investigator in Teen Rape Case

Look what your tax dollars are paying for Jefferson County. 


Jefferson County will have to pay the bill for a private investigator working for a defendant accused in a Steubenville teen rape case. 

Earlier this week, Judge Thomas Lipps approved up to $2,500 as well as any travel expensed for the private investigator in connection with the high-profile case. 

The decision was one of several rulings the judge made with regard to the case, in which two Steubenville High School student-athletes are accused of raping another teenager. 

Chief Probation Officer Fred Abdalla Jr. said the money will be coming out of the Juvenile Court’s general fund, specifically the line for indigent appointed counsel. 

Indigent means the defendant can’t afford the bill. 

Abdalla said this is not unusual and all juveniles are declared indigent by the court. 

County Commissioner Tom Graham said the county always sets aside money for cases of this nature.”We usually spend somewhere between $30,000-$50,000 — a lot of money in regard to indigent cases a month,” Jefferson County Commissioner Tom Graham said. “Sometimes, in this case, it won’t be that, but certainly a small amount. But every individual case is different if they’re indigent, and that’s the law. So taxpayers are obligated to pay for it for those who cannot afford it.”

Since the money is coming from the county, technically it is taxpayer dollars. However, Abdalla and Graham said they will forward the bill to the Ohio State Public Defender’s Office to get reimbursed up to 35 percent. 

Abdalla said the defense could ask the court for more money, but an additional hearing would have to be held in front of the judge and they would have to explain why it’s necessary. 

On Saturday, another Occupy Steubenville rally will be held at noon in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse with regard to the case. 


City of Steubenville Openly Endorsing Lee Stranahan?

The City of Steubenville has claimed they want transparency regarding the recent uproar over the rape of a 16 year old girl by Big Red Football Players, but if they wish to remain objective why would they openly endorse Lee Stranahan?


Lee Stranahan- The endorsed voice of Steubenville now? He’s a rape-fetish pornographer who has used his blog to spread false information about individuals involved with the Occupy Steubenville movement.

He’s targeted people involved in the Occupy Steubenville movement such as KYAnonymous, who started Oprollredroll in December. He has posted information on Kyle Fields, who he claims is KyAnonymous, but has proven otherwise to be false.

Another point to make: Why is Steubenville Facts registered to a private domain? Is that transparent?

Domain ID:D167508705-LROR
Created On:04-Jan-2013 22:06:02 UTC
Last Updated On:05-Jan-2013 01:21:33 UTC
Expiration Date:04-Jan-2015 22:06:02 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:GoDaddy.com, LLC (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:CR133425092
Registrant Name:Registration Private
Registrant Organization:Domains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Street1:DomainsByProxy.com
Registrant Street2:14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Scottsdale
Registrant State/Province:Arizona
Registrant Postal Code:85260
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.4806242599
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+1.4806242598
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:@domainsbyproxy.com

Maybe you should ask the Steubenville City Council : 

Steubenville City Council
115 South Third St, Steubenville, OH 43952
Phone:(740) 283-6000 Ext. 2100
E-mail: council@cityofsteubenville.us

Or City Manager  Cathy Davison

Some info was taken from: http://slightlyopinionated.com/the-city-of-steubenville-endorses-pornographer/

Is Joey Ortega The Source Of Local Leaks?

We all know the whinnng and bitching Joey Ortega (Behind The Yellow Tape) has been doing since Anonymous began Oprollredroll on December 23rd. I now see screen shots that suggest he may have been the source of “Local Leaks.” A blog that has on occasion put out false information on The Big Red Rape case.

Screen Shot 1-


Joey talking about illegal gambling, cover ups and actually asking anonymous to assist him.

Screen Shot 2-


Abdalla, his bro and Frank Bruzzese assisting Jane Hanlin.

The Full Screen Shot

Thank you to my source.

Trouble Begins

Original Blog Post

Let me start by saying this. Rumors began to fly early on in this case but one poor girl became a victim of defamation by a landslide. Makenzie Santoro was out of town at a family reunion in Pennsylvania on the night of August, 11th. Over 70 people in her family can attest to that. Not to mention all those being at the parties never saw her. Her name was never mentioned in any court documents or testimony. She was blind sided by false accusations. Once an innocent young girl with freedoms and promising friendships, now finds herself afraid. Because of the picture put with her name everyone knows who she is and what she looks like. Her parents are horrified for her to be out of their site for even a moment. As we would all be. Is this fair or just? After all justice is what we are all seeking. The freedoms and ability to clearly say what you want without any consequences is something that clearly needs changed. Before this event, when her name was googled, what you would see was the money she helped raise for cancer research as a young girl. Now, that search is terrifyingly different. I will make it my mission to give this young girl back her name and life as it should be.

By: nicolelamantia9

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