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Bullying and Suicide Nothing To Joke About

So many young people are dying because they are bullied. It could be in your hometown, state, or in your school. How many people watch the bullying and do nothing? How many schools just pass it off as kids being kids?


Gay teenĀ Carlos Vigil, 17 of New Mexico, is the latest teenager to commit suicide because of relentless bullying. He was taken off life support on July 16,2013. He would’ve been a Senior atĀ Albuquerque‘s Valley High School this fall.


All The Internet Hatred- Have People Forgotten The Victim?


In the last few days I’ve watched a soap opera unfold on Radio Newz– The Stand Up For Steubenville crowd vs. Steve and Sam.

Have we forgotten the victim?

Question of motives have been thrown around and then there’s the infamous “Mammabear” who some claim is Sam herself. Why is this important? “Mamabear” was a commenter on Prinnie’s blog, and since she’ll most likely never tell who mamabear actually is, why are we dwelling on it?

I’m on no one’s side really. I just think the childish soap opera is loosing the real purpose. We all came together for a rape victim.

How about we do something to help Steubenville heal? Bring a positive light on the good people of Steubenville?

Some ideas- Outreach for rape victims, educate our children on the consequences of drinking, or maybe do some fundraising for RAIN or a women’s shelter

Finger pointing, and attacking accomplish nothing.

Steubenville is a small town. Sure it has small town politics, but that is for the citizens of Steubenville and in general Jefferson County to change not outsiders.

I will always say this- a few bad apples doesn’t make the entire town bad. Yes, Steubenville has a crime problem, but lots of cities and towns in America do.

Think about it before you decide to continue the hate. I’m speaking to ALL parties. Not just one or the other.

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