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Christopher Miller: Child Molester


From San Jose Mercury News.

Christopher Miller, a 42 year old pedophile who has molested children for decades may finally do some prison time.  He has slipped through the system, cooperating with investigators, persuading victims and their families not to testify.

His crimes started in Southern California where he was accused of molesting two boys over an extended amount of time, and was convicted three times of possessing child pornography, but spent less than five years in custody, resuming his behavior after each release.

By 2009, he had moved to Bay Point, California and repeatedly molested an 11-year-old boy.

Now, his luck may have run out after being convicted of 29 child molestation charges, as well as a child pornography count, in late May.  He could spent 69 years in prison.

Miller’s case, documented in court records, shows how the 42-year-old pedophile took advantage of the system and its victims. He brokered plea deals to get reduced sentences. He discouraged victims and family members to testify, avoiding more serious charges. He also benefited from California sentencing standards for crimes deemed neither “violent” nor “serious.”

“For more than 20 years, Miller — a predator and a con artist — groomed his child victims into believing his crimes were acts of love, and then he manipulated their mothers from reporting him to law enforcement,” said Contra Costa prosecutor Melissa Smith.

She calls Miller one of Contra Costa’s worst child sex offenders ever, one whose history offers a glimpse into how child pornography and abuse can thrive.

In the end, it took another child porn suspect using one of Miller’s own tricks against him to stop him.


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