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The Continuing Stupidity Of Melissa Duprez

Ok, so I had a conversation with some people after my last blog entry came out. The conversation was about EXACTLY what Melissa did. She took my personal tweets out of context and claims I was threatening her. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For example she claims this was a threat.


As you can see this is more mocking her than threatening.

ALSO she claims this is a threat


Well Melissa, I was actually speaking about how dumb you are to keep talking crap about a rape victim. She screen shoots everything you write about her, and well you keep going with questioning her rape, bothering her children, calling her work and just your overall stupidity just makes it easier for her lawyers to sue you for harassment.

Oh and this


Let me explain something to you dee dee dee Murt followers I don’t threaten. I am not violent and DO NOT believe in violence. I’m a complete pacifist when it comes to threatening and using a violent act to get a point across.

So, Melissa Duprez, you may be able to convince your dee dee dee readers of your so-called anti bullying blog, but I’ll always be right behind  to show you how dumb you are.

Bottom line you don’t get to me. Write about me. Talk about me. All the normal people do their research before drawing conclusions. Anyone with a brain could just go back and read my timeline. Genius.


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