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CNN Bows To FBI Pressure Over The #millionmaskmarch


The NewsRoom Exclusive

CNN Executive VP Tony Maddux was approached by representatives of the FBI Washington DC headquarters along with FBI special agents from the Atlanta Field office this week concerning the planned protests known as the Million Mask March.

Sources inside the CNN News tell the NewsRoom that pressure was used to prevent coverage of the protests that took place November 5th. According to CNN insiders, Mr. Maddux agreed with little consideration at the time. We are told his view was Anonymous would not be able to pull off such a large protest and thought it would be an easy deal to agree with FBI agents.

We are told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was notified after the meeting between Mr. Maddux and FBI agents had made the agreement to not cover any of the protests. There is no report as of yet if Mr. Blitzer tried to fight against this FBI deal or not.

With recent pressure by NSA and FBI officials on various news outlets concerning leaks and other national security reporting, we wonder if CNN has not just become a puppet for the US Government.

CNN was contacted several times via phone and email requesting a comment on this story. The last email sent to CNN is captured in this picture listed below.

We have told CNN that if they did not comment on this story, it would be considered fact. If CNN does choose to respond we will report.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/bwF6niW.jpg

Original Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=558402444229707&set=a.283924741677480.60873.282644191805535&type=1&theater


Jodi Arias Saga Not Over!


Well, it looks like Jodi’s 15 minutes of fame and attention isn’t over. The jury couldn’t decide if she should receive life in prison or the death penalty.


Pat Robertson Said What?


In a recent episode of his show 700 Club Pat Robertson made a comment that “Awful-looking women may be the cause of divorce.”

CNN Report
Say what?

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