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#Richmond Gang Rape Defendants Receive Their Sentences

Photo: Richmond Confidential

Photo: Richmond Confidential

Defendants Jose Montano and Marcelles Peter were back in court today to receive their sentences.

Montano spoke to the court today saying “No words can undo what’s been done; all I can do is apologize for my actions and wish to move forward from this situation.”

A victim’s advocate read Jane Does statement to the court. The victim wrote that nearly four years later, she’s still “struggling and fighting” for her high school diploma. Because of the defendants, she wrote, she missed all the high school rites of passage — prom, senior picnic, senior portraits, walking across the stage at graduation with all her friends.

She continues to suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, body aches and migraines, and has trouble trusting people. She’s trying her hardest to put it all behind her and move forward with her life, she said.

“You both took a lot from me, more than you will ever know. But I just want to say to the both of you, I forgive you,” Jane Doe wrote. “I forgive you because I deserve to be at peace, but no matter how hard I try and wish I could, I’ll never forget and there are parts of me that will never be healed.”

The judge then sentenced the defendants. Montano received 33 years to life for his role. Marcelles Peter received 29 years to life-A lighter sentence because he was a minor at the time of his crimes, however the judge could not ignore his brutality.


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