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Murt aka William K. Murtaugh is a person who I call a delusional bully. Why? Well other than his perceived stalkers and death threats, he seems to target a now well known blogger who assisted with the exposure of The Big Red Rape case of Stubenville, Ohio. Why is he targeting her? Only he can answer that question. My view as an outsider looking in, he’s jealous of her. She’s been on CNN, The Rosanne Radio Show and other places giving interviews about the fact that she was the first one (from outside Steubenville)  to start the investigation of the rape case and the attempt to protect the players of The Big Red Football team. Shes the one who found the Tweets, and the Instagram photo posted on the account of Cody Saltsman. An alleged ex boyfriend of the victim. 

He also has an obsession with other bloggers and targets women in particular. It makes me wonder, does he have something against women in general? Is this ALL because of a case that ended almost 2 years ago? He had an obsession with The Casey Anthony Murder case, AND tried to insert himself into the case as “a reporter.” Those who challenged him, faced his wrath!

I will continue in the coming days to show his delusional behavior. He perceives ANYONE who disagrees with him as “a stalker.” He also accuses Anonymous as a “Terrorist group” and that he’s receiving death threats. Being involved and seeing those tweets he thinks are death threats, just aren’t.

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