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#JahiMcMath Court Documents


Pic Via NBC Bay Area

I was curious about what the court documents revealed about Jahi’s condition, the arguments to keep her alive, and the relationship between Children’s Hospital Oakland and Jahi’s family. So, I went searching and found quite a bit to read and try to understand. In between the complicated legal language, the TRO’s, independent evaluations, and judgments, I found out a few things-

  1. Children’s Hospital Oakland bent over backwards, forwards, and did flips for the family
  2.  Jahi’s family seems to think God will heal her and suddenly she’ll wake up and ask for a burger.
  3.  Jahi met the legal criteria for death via  California Health & Safety Codes 7180, 7181, and 1254.4
  4.  6 doctors total (5 CHO Drs. and Dr. Fisher) examined Jahi.
  5. The affidavit from Jahi’s mother has painted the Chief of Neurology (Dr. Durand) as an angry guy
  6. The family contends CHO refused to release Jahi’s medical records. The court ordered the hospital to release them.
  7. The Drs at CHO refused to insert a feeding tube despite the demands of Jahi’s mother
  8. On December 24th- The court recognized the findings of Dr. Paul Fisher, a neurologist with Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
  9. The court denied the family’s request for Dr. Bryne because he isn’t a licensed Dr. in the state of Ca and CHO would be violating their licensing if they allowed him to examine Jahi. Dr Bryne is not a neurologist, has no experience being a neurologist, and is a Neonatologist. Dr. Bryne cannot give an objective opinion because he has already stated without examining her that she “isn’t dead” http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/byrne/131224
  10. Link December 24th court documents- https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvixhdnld5plii0/13.12.24%20McMath%20proceeding.pdf
  11. Link “McMath Exhibits” (warning 93 pages) https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk54l44beni6xr2/McMath_EXHIBITS_1_of_2-1.pdf
  12. Link to the Children’s Hospital Oakland “Ethics findings” https://www.dropbox.com/s/v3l1zmriml9vmgf/2.pdf
  13. According to court documents Jahi’s family provided suctioning while in the ICU, and reported Jahi asked for a Popsicle. (unknown if she actually ate a Popsicle or anything else.)

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