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Crazy Night In Oakland Following The Zimmerman Verdict

Last night George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin. Protests were expected all over the United States.

San Francisco had a peaceful march through the Mission District, but leave it to Oakland to leave peaceful behind and start rioting, breaking windows and leave Downtown Oakland looking like a war zone.

Here are some pictures from last night in Oakland. They broke windows, spray painted “kill Zimmerman” and destroyed a BART cop car.


@Murtwitnessone Proves He’s Crazy

I think Murt has finally gone full on crazy! In the last day or so he’s claimed his girlfriend Brianne (Holly Brilley’s stalker) did not make certain comments on Radionewzblog. He claims Radio came out today and said Brianne couldn’t have made the comments. Radio never said this.

From Murt’s Blog Today- 


Holly lied? Isn’t it you lying Murt? 


This is the ENTIRE comment from Radio. NO WHERE does it say Brianne couldn’t have made the comment. 



SO MURT- What say you? I’ve been waiting for you to prove your theories, but it’s just proven you’re a liar and you’re crazy! 

The Funniest Thing From A Sad, Insane Man

All day Murt aka Murtwitnessone has gone back and forth claiming a couple comments posted on Radionewz.net wasn’t from Holly Briley’s stalker Brianne ChantalEven after proof was posted and Holly had a conversation “Roger’s Cable” Murt still claims Holly posted the comments in Brianne’s name. The only proof he’s actually posted is…well none. He claims with “WordPress” you can alter ip addresses. I can confirm you cannot. Any sane person can tell you this.

Roger’s Cable does not service the U.S. so it is actually impossible for Holly to use it to alter her ip.




This is a copy of the email radionewz receives when someone comments on her blog.

Face it Murt, your girlfriend betrayed you. SHE made the comments. YOU are wrong…and insane!

 Photos from Radionewz.net  

@Murtwitnessone- Ramblings of a Creepy Old Man


We all know who Murt is by now.

I reblogged a post by The Levi Page, and got a rambling incoherent answer whinning about everyone being out to get him.

He claims Michelle, Holly, Prinnie and most of all, his current nemisis RadioNewz Blog are all trying to frame him for missing child Haleigh Cummings.


Pt 2


Pt 2

Does he honestly believe RadioNewz (who’s from Georgia) kidnapped a child in Florida 5 years ago? He has even gone as far as contacting the FBI in Florida!



Screen Shots from. Radionewz.net


LEVI PAGE- Troll William Murtaugh uses murdered child Haleigh Cummings as a pawn in internet foolery!@Murtwitnessone

By- Levi Page

William Murtaugh a/k/a Murt, is no stranger to the internet true crime world. He is a known troll that is banned from crime forums such as Websleuths, and InSession. Murt started blogging during the 2006 case of missing Florida child Trenton Duckett and ever since then he has been engaging in sleazy behavior. What is most disgusting about Murt is that he often uses missing and murdered children and inserts himself into their case in order to get attention.

While blogging on the Trenton Duckett case, Murt used disgusting, attention seeking antics. Murt would show up on several blogs and forums claiming that on a certain date something “big” was going to happen. He made it seem like he was close to law enforcement and had inside sources. He would even “count down” the days… Well his bombshell turned out to be a dud and nothing happened. It was just typical sleazy Murt using a missing child case to get attention.

Now Murt is at it again. This time he is inserting himself into the case of murdered Satsuma, Florida girl Haleigh Cummings. Murt has accused a satire blogger that resides in Atlanta, GA of abducting the child. Why? Because this blogger often publishes satirical content about him.

How disgusting is that? Using a child that law enforcement says is a murder victim, and claiming a blogger that lives in a completely different state than where the child went missing, abducted her. Murt has even tweeted the FBI office in Jacksonville asking them to investigate RadioNewz.net.

This may be a game to you, but it is not a game to Haleigh’s family Murt. You have gone too far once again and are using a murdered child as a pawn in your internet drama. You are sick and disgusting and no different from John Mark

You are a troll that needs to be involuntarily committed. Get off the internet and seek psychological help, because you are in desperate need of it.

Article originally published by Levipageshow.com

Casey Anthony’s Bankruptcy Hearing In Tampa, Florida



TAMPA, Fla. –

returned to the public eye Monday after about a year and a half since a jury found her not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter.

A judge ordered Anthony to attend a bankruptcy hearing with her creditors Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in Tampa.

Anthony arrived at court in a black SUV, wearing black hat and overcoat. Attorney Cheney Mason led her to the front doors while throngs of photographers snapped

A source close to the case told WESH 2 News that Cheney Mason was supposed to arrange a security detail to lead Anthony through a
hidden entrance. The arrangement was changed and she was walked through the front door instead.

The source said Anthony was crying and very upset after her arrival.

One protester yelled “baby-killer,” as she made her way into the federal courthouse.

Last week, the judge denied a request to move the bankruptcy case to Orlando.

In court, Anthony sat between her three lawyers and answered questions calmly to the bankruptcy trustee.

Anthony testified she only has $484 in cash to her name, and that since her acquittal, Jose Baez gave her $3,400. She also said that Baez had her participate in photographs in
September 2012 and then sold the photos.

Anthony said she has not had any movie, interview or book offers, although her lawyer Charles Greene said that she had offers three weeks ago.

During the 40-minute court session, it was revealed that the debt of $500,000 to Baez stems from an original retainer agreement with him, but she said she doesn’t believe she still owes him.

Anthony told the trustee, “I don’t pay rent. I don’t pay utilities. I live off the kindness of those I’m living with. I try to contribute when I can.”

She also told the court she had no car, no job and no diary.

The reason she decided to file for bankruptcy is because Anthony said there was delay in the trial with her and Gonzalez, and that she needed closure.

The session became tense when Zenaida Gonzalez’ attorney, Scott Shuker, turned the session into an apparent cross examination.

Shuker protested that Greene coached Anthony on what to say, and Greene responded, “Take a breath.”

“It’s not about taking a breath. What you are doing is improper,” said Shuker.

After the session, Shuker said that Anthony’s answers do not “pass the smell test.” He said his next step is to take a deposition of her.

Gonzalez’ attorneys said they oppose her want to discharge her debts.

Neither Anthony’s parents nor Baez were in court Monday afternoon.

Attorneys for Gonzalez and former meter reader Roy Kronk are both suing Anthony. Her bankruptcy filing effectively blocks the two lawsuits from moving forward.

Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom.

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