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The Funniest Thing From A Sad, Insane Man

All day Murt aka Murtwitnessone has gone back and forth claiming a couple comments posted on Radionewz.net wasn’t from Holly Briley’s stalker Brianne ChantalEven after proof was posted and Holly had a conversation “Roger’s Cable” Murt still claims Holly posted the comments in Brianne’s name. The only proof he’s actually posted is…well none. He claims with “WordPress” you can alter ip addresses. I can confirm you cannot. Any sane person can tell you this.

Roger’s Cable does not service the U.S. so it is actually impossible for Holly to use it to alter her ip.




This is a copy of the email radionewz receives when someone comments on her blog.

Face it Murt, your girlfriend betrayed you. SHE made the comments. YOU are wrong…and insane!

 Photos from Radionewz.net  

Is This Someone Who wants Peace?

This afternoon I got a message on Twitter that Murtwitnessone wants peace. My conditions were simple:

1) Appologize to the other bloggers hes been defaming and harassing.

2) Remove everything on his blog that claims Anonymous are terrorists.

3) Appologize to KyAnonymous and Anonymous in general for the accusations hes been making.

I gave him 24 hours to do this. He wanted peace, this was his chance. I unblocked him so he can dm me and further negotioations. This is what I got:




Is this someone who wants to make peace? I don’t think so.

The clock is ticking Murt.

Holly Briley Putting To Rest The Rumor

Statement on A Blog Entry

Holly Briley – The accusations she “outted” the Steubenville victim.

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