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Worldwide Anonymous-@Nunyaman The Target of Steubenville GJ?




Don Carpenter might be the target of the Steubenville Teen Rape Grand Jury?? Show your support Anon or Not Anon.

Don you know I’ll always be in your corner supporting you!



Lee Stranahan Blogger, Bully, Vendettas

I often wondered since the Steubenville Rape Case began why would someone insert themselves into the case just to discredit someone who has worked hard to bring out the truth. Not only in the pursuit of justice, but to bring attention to the fact that the 15 year old suffered a horrific ordeal and found no empathy from the suspects or the other alleged boys involved.


It is well known that Lee participated in a documentary called Occupy Unmasked. I personally believe he has a vendetta against Anonymous in general. He’s tried hard to “unmask” the Anon who started #oprollredroll. (@Kyanonymous1) I have no idea why he’s tried hard to discredit all that Anonymous has either accomplished, or in this case brought to light for the entire country to see. He has kids. What if this victim was his daughter? Would he be putting Anonymous down OR praising them? I know that this victim has thanked Anonymous (#knightsec) for putting together 2 successful rallies.


He has been putting in GREAT effort to discredit the blogger prenniedidit.com. Why is he doing this after the efforts she has put in to find the story and blog about it for months BEFORE Anonymous found the story? I’m not saying everything on LocalLeaks is true, or accurate, but why would you go out of your way to find ways to discredit another blogger? Money? Attention? The fact that he himself is washed up and prennie is getting the interviews with CNN, The Today Show, The Rosanne Radio show and Dr. Phil Show? He actually wrote this on January 14th.


Facts About Lee

He solicited money online for false threats and saying he had to flee his home because he was being threatened. 



He’s a right wing sensationalist. He’s attacked The Sandy Hook Massacre, Anderson Cooper, Black Activists, Rosanne Barr, John Edwards and just about anyone who will give him attention. 

 In 2003 AND 2011 Lee had tax liens from the state of California. Odd he’s been living in New Mexico and Texas to possibly avoid paying these liens? 



Judge for yourself. I’m interested in opinions.


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