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Richmond Gang Rape Case- Victim Testifies


MARTINEZ, Calif. — The victim of an alleged gang rape at Richmond High told jurors Monday she doesn’t recall the brutal 2009

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homecoming night assault and only remembers waking up with a severe headache and aching body.
The young woman, who was 16 years old the time of the attack, spoke in a soft voice and did not make eye contact with her alleged attackers in the Martinez courtroom.

She told jurors she remembered being at the homecoming dance that night, but got a headache and went outside. She denied the claims of the defendants that she drank alcohol with them.

The young woman – who stood 4-foot-11 and weighed about 95 pounds at the time of the attack — said when she regained consciousness her headache had gotten worse and her body ached from her “neck down.” She continues to have problems with her hip, the young woman told jurors.
She was expected to be on the stand at the trial of 20-year-old Marcelles Peter and 22-year-old Jose Montano at least until lunch time. The proceedings are unique in that there are two separate juries – one for each defendant — listening to the testimony.

The young woman’s father has already given gut-wrenching testimony, describing the horrifying scene as he first saw his daughter following the brutal attack.


The father talked extensively about the scene the night in October of 2009 at Richmond High School and seeing his daughter as she was being wheeled from the scene after the horrible crime. “[Her] face was distorted, ashen, gray, clammy. She appeared to me on death row. Hair was all messed up. Lots of vomit in her hair,” the father said. “[There was a] footprint on the side of her face.” The father, identified as John Doe, described seeing his daughter in the aftermath of the attack as terrifying.

“It is a horror. It’s very scary to see what I did at that point,” he said.

The case centers around who did what in the gang rape of the young woman after her homecoming dance at Richmond High.

The victim was raped repeatedly for hours by as many as 20 people. Montano and Peter were among six men charged in the crime. Two men are awaiting trial, and two others took plea deals



Don Carpenter @nunyaman Speaks Out


Don Carpenter has recently been put on blast all over Twitter for releasing Jane Doe’s medical records during The Big Red Rape trial. (ALL of her personal info was redacted) The name of the employee who leaked them was also put on blast and the employee was fired. (I will not say her name)

Don has now come out of the dark and is giving new light on the motives of The Blackburn Sisters. It is obvious they are behind these new attacks on Don and anyone else who is associated with “Hipaagate.”


Exploit Steubenville?


Don Confirming BOTH Blackburn sister’s have criminal records.

 These comments were found on RadioNewz.net.




Amanda Blackburn Wanted To What?


It looks like Amanda Blackburn has some explaining to do. Who wanted to sell Jane Doe’s medical records?

Facebook Page Titled “The Real Steubenville Story”

As you know, there have been people in Steubenville attempting to undermine the public and media regarding the Big Red Rape Case. I know of 2 women Jackie Sacripanti, and Nicole Lamantia who are behind this. In fact, they are not getting the real info out. Although some info I acknowledge has been false, there are facts damaging to Steubenville that certain people are just trying to cover up. 

Out pops this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real-Steubenville-Story/497416486963713




I’ve gone through this Facebook Page (Founded on January 27,2013) Interesting because this is around the date 2 blogs started by these same people were deleted. 

  • They revisit a lawsuit dismissed and settled 2 months ago. Why revisit something that’s over? They want to trash the blogger Prinnie. 



So far, that’s really all that page has accomplished. I advise you to report this page for the slanderous material posted by those who own this page. 

UPDATE- I was just infofmed the page has been removed. I guess people can’t stand the heat.


#Steubenville Original Police Report From The #BIGRED Rape Case

#Steubenville Original Police Report From The #BIGRED Rape Case

Original Police Report Filed August 14, 2012




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