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My Interview with @Nunyaman

Interview with Don Carpenter. We cover everything from his recent T.R.O and troubles with trolls to his opinions on Steubenville.

I think it’s very objective.


Trent Mays Classification Hearing


Trent Mays classification hearing has just concluded.

Richmond’s hearing for today has been cancelled.

What does this mean?

As a tier II Sex Offender Trent must register with his police department as a sex offender every 180 days for 20 years, but because he was convicted as a juvenile his name and address will not appear on the “Megan’s Law” website.

BlackBurn Nuts File What?

This was brought to my attention today. They had the R.O. sent to the wrong address and it was dismissed. I’m really interested in knowing how someone stalks you, but has zero phone contact, zero social media contact, and Don lives at least 30 minutes away.

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Threatening Letters- The lies of @Judicious1_



I am addressing this because despite being told by many to stop the lies, hate and bullshit, Judicious1_ continues.

Mailing threatening letters would be investigated by the USPS. It’s a Federal Crime. You need proof of this?



SO Judicious1_ , if threatening letters are being sent through the U.S. Postal Service, it would be investigated as a Federal Crime NOT by a Jefferson County Grand Jury and DEFINITELY not Steubenville P.D.

Think about your lies before you spew them like word vomit.


All The Internet Hatred- Have People Forgotten The Victim?


In the last few days I’ve watched a soap opera unfold on Radio Newz– The Stand Up For Steubenville crowd vs. Steve and Sam.

Have we forgotten the victim?

Question of motives have been thrown around and then there’s the infamous “Mammabear” who some claim is Sam herself. Why is this important? “Mamabear” was a commenter on Prinnie’s blog, and since she’ll most likely never tell who mamabear actually is, why are we dwelling on it?

I’m on no one’s side really. I just think the childish soap opera is loosing the real purpose. We all came together for a rape victim.

How about we do something to help Steubenville heal? Bring a positive light on the good people of Steubenville?

Some ideas- Outreach for rape victims, educate our children on the consequences of drinking, or maybe do some fundraising for RAIN or a women’s shelter

Finger pointing, and attacking accomplish nothing.

Steubenville is a small town. Sure it has small town politics, but that is for the citizens of Steubenville and in general Jefferson County to change not outsiders.

I will always say this- a few bad apples doesn’t make the entire town bad. Yes, Steubenville has a crime problem, but lots of cities and towns in America do.

Think about it before you decide to continue the hate. I’m speaking to ALL parties. Not just one or the other.

Decisions in #Steubenville Big Red Rape Case

Decisions came down today regarding the Steubenville, Ohio rape case. Last week, visiting Juvenile Judge Thomas Lipps heard various motions regarding the trial originally scheduled to start in mid Feb, but now wil not start till March.

1- Closure of the courtroom to the public: Denied

2- Change of venue: Denied

3- From the prosecution: Motion to exclude alleged victims sexual activity and partners:
The alleged victims Sexual relationship with the defendants, evidence on the number of partners she’s had, STD’s and pregnancies are prohibited.
Any evidence in this nature must be heard first in front of the judge at least 3 days before the trial begins.

4- Motion to refer to the victim as “the accuser
The victim will be referred to as “alleged victim.”

5- Motion on the Nodianos video
The court refused to as they call it “take judicial notice of the Nodi video.” It further says the court has not viewed the video and won’t unless submitted into evidence.

6-Motion to take judicial notice of 3 immunity deals given by the prosecution:
Denied. “The existance of agreements may be pertinent regarding the credibility of witnesses”

7- Motion to ask Jefferson County to pay for private investigators:
Approved. Both defendants were declared indingent, so the court approved the county to pay $2,500 for a private investigator.
Also approved because the case is complicated and the court is concerned about the defendants getting a fair trial.

8-Motion to continue the trial because extra time is needed to prepare:
Approved. The trial scheduled to start in Feb will now start in March.  The trial dates are March 13, 14 and 15th.

Side Note: Although the court proceedings will remain open, the media must comply with “Rule 12” Witnesses and victims have the right to object to being photographed and video taped. If they do object, the media will not video tape or take pictures of them.

Jefferson County To Pay Bill For Private Investigator in Teen Rape Case

Look what your tax dollars are paying for Jefferson County. 


Jefferson County will have to pay the bill for a private investigator working for a defendant accused in a Steubenville teen rape case. 

Earlier this week, Judge Thomas Lipps approved up to $2,500 as well as any travel expensed for the private investigator in connection with the high-profile case. 

The decision was one of several rulings the judge made with regard to the case, in which two Steubenville High School student-athletes are accused of raping another teenager. 

Chief Probation Officer Fred Abdalla Jr. said the money will be coming out of the Juvenile Court’s general fund, specifically the line for indigent appointed counsel. 

Indigent means the defendant can’t afford the bill. 

Abdalla said this is not unusual and all juveniles are declared indigent by the court. 

County Commissioner Tom Graham said the county always sets aside money for cases of this nature.”We usually spend somewhere between $30,000-$50,000 — a lot of money in regard to indigent cases a month,” Jefferson County Commissioner Tom Graham said. “Sometimes, in this case, it won’t be that, but certainly a small amount. But every individual case is different if they’re indigent, and that’s the law. So taxpayers are obligated to pay for it for those who cannot afford it.”

Since the money is coming from the county, technically it is taxpayer dollars. However, Abdalla and Graham said they will forward the bill to the Ohio State Public Defender’s Office to get reimbursed up to 35 percent. 

Abdalla said the defense could ask the court for more money, but an additional hearing would have to be held in front of the judge and they would have to explain why it’s necessary. 

On Saturday, another Occupy Steubenville rally will be held at noon in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse with regard to the case. 


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