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Judicious1_ Contacts An Ohio Congressman

I think this is freaking hilarious. You really think Judicious has any credibility? Just look at her TL of immaturity and harassment.


Oh don’t worry Judicious-


Evan was never convicted of anything, nor will he ever regarding the Steubenville case. He was granted immunity to testify during the trial of Mays and Richmond.

The Harassment From Judicious1_ Continues



Threatening Letters- The lies of @Judicious1_



I am addressing this because despite being told by many to stop the lies, hate and bullshit, Judicious1_ continues.

Mailing threatening letters would be investigated by the USPS. It’s a Federal Crime. You need proof of this?



SO Judicious1_ , if threatening letters are being sent through the U.S. Postal Service, it would be investigated as a Federal Crime NOT by a Jefferson County Grand Jury and DEFINITELY not Steubenville P.D.

Think about your lies before you spew them like word vomit.


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