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Op Take Back The Ville=EPIC FAIL


Well well well, the person who initiated Op Take Back The Ville has deleted her youtube, twitter and blog. Is this because she was not prepared for the negative feedback she would get when she stepped in the spotlight?

Nicole Lamantia burst into the steubenville case claiming she wanted to “clear up false claims.” Rumor is she was pressured into it by no other than Lee Stranahan.

She made a video (deleted) and discussed it on her twitter account. (Also deleted) Then created a blog, which had one entry bashing Prinnie. (Deleted and replaced by another blog titled ” Support Steubenville Blog”) Was she prepared for the feedback she would get by doing all that?

Rumors on Twitter fly. Her family was attacked, she was encouraged to jump in by Lee Stranahan and others.

Another rumor floated. She claims to stand up for a young girl falsely accused of being there, but was in another state. That young girl (no name disclosure because she’s a minor) is somehow related to the Lamantia family. True? I don’t know.

I declare Op Take Back The Ville a failure.

In Another Asswipe move, Nicole and her buddy Jackie Sacripanti are behind 2 petitions against Prinnie, and Local Leaks.

The Real Lee Stranahan

This is proof for the masses. Stranahan is into BDSM. So, why is he so involved in a rape case? Stranahan’s not into getting the truth out, and when he’s questioned on his motives, he goes into victim mode.


This is an email on his interest in “Amateur models.”

Here are some screen shots on his interests.
After confronted about his interests by a person with the twitter name @catsrimportant he decided to call it art.



So, he’s calling it “female art sluts” now.

“Catsrimportant confronted Lee on how he used the term “sluts.” Lee Stranahan makes a mental leap from using the term “sluts” to “BDSM”. I take this to mean Lee can’t distinguish and thinks women are all sluts, regardless of sexual kink. As you can see by his statements above, Lee Stranahan yawns off his past statements as “something I said 12 years ago” and makes no apologies or retractions for the statement.”

So, does Steubenville think Lee Stranahan is their white knight of truth? Why would he care about a young 16 year old girl who was raped if he can’t distinguish what’s porn and what’s art?

Update- Thanks to a nice twitter friend here’s a link to more of Lee’s “art.” deviantart.com

City of Steubenville Openly Endorsing Lee Stranahan?

The City of Steubenville has claimed they want transparency regarding the recent uproar over the rape of a 16 year old girl by Big Red Football Players, but if they wish to remain objective why would they openly endorse Lee Stranahan?


Lee Stranahan- The endorsed voice of Steubenville now? He’s a rape-fetish pornographer who has used his blog to spread false information about individuals involved with the Occupy Steubenville movement.

He’s targeted people involved in the Occupy Steubenville movement such as KYAnonymous, who started Oprollredroll in December. He has posted information on Kyle Fields, who he claims is KyAnonymous, but has proven otherwise to be false.

Another point to make: Why is Steubenville Facts registered to a private domain? Is that transparent?

Domain ID:D167508705-LROR
Created On:04-Jan-2013 22:06:02 UTC
Last Updated On:05-Jan-2013 01:21:33 UTC
Expiration Date:04-Jan-2015 22:06:02 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:GoDaddy.com, LLC (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:CR133425092
Registrant Name:Registration Private
Registrant Organization:Domains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Street1:DomainsByProxy.com
Registrant Street2:14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Scottsdale
Registrant State/Province:Arizona
Registrant Postal Code:85260
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.4806242599
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+1.4806242598
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:@domainsbyproxy.com

Maybe you should ask the Steubenville City Council : 

Steubenville City Council
115 South Third St, Steubenville, OH 43952
Phone:(740) 283-6000 Ext. 2100
E-mail: council@cityofsteubenville.us

Or City Manager  Cathy Davison

Some info was taken from: http://slightlyopinionated.com/the-city-of-steubenville-endorses-pornographer/

Ulterior Motives of Lee Stranahan


It’s now well known, Lee is Steubenville’s “white knight of truth”
Question 1- Who Paid For his trip to Steubenville?

Well, since Lee claims to be telling the truth (Aka Anonymous is making false accusations against innocent people of Steubenville)  it seems to this blogger that Lee had his trip paid for by one of 2 parties: Frank Bruzzese the ex law partner of D.A. Jane Hanlin OR one of the defense attorneys.


Question 2- What ulterior motives does Lee have for covering the Steubenville case?

In anon language he’s a provocateur.

Let’s put aside the fact that he made an anti-anonymous movie. He’s had a long-time feud with them going back to the occupy movement.
Why Steubenville? Easy answer- It gets him noticed. An objective journalist doesn’t take sides. Probably why he’s only a blogger and not a journalist.

Question 3- Is Lee blaming the victim?
Yes. In his recent tweets, Lee has stated





screen shots from mommyish.com

I’m guessing Lee has never met a rape victim or even realizes the definition of rape.
In this case, let me define it for ya Lee:
1. the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

Being in a situation where you dress a certain way, or if your drunk really has nothing to do with the act of rape.

Fact: Rape is rarely about sex. Rape is about power and rage.

Case and Point: A few years ago a young girl was gang raped at a high school homecoming dance in Richmond, California.

Absolute horrific crime. The case is so similar to the case in Steubenville, it jumped into my mind right after hearing about The Big Red Rape Case.
So many stood by, so many paticipated.
If we follow Lee Stranahan’s theory she drank, went to a dark place on the side of the school with lots of men, so she deserved it right?


What was the reason? She turned down a sexual proposition by one of the suspects.


I challenge Lee to meet a rape victim, and then claim she asked for it or she deserved it.

80% of rapes are by people the victim knows.

Operation Take Back The Ville?

Reading another blog, I found this. Why is Lee Stranahan the “white knight” of Steubenville all the sudden?

My opinion: He’s exploiting this case for his own fame. He’s a hypocrite.

Yesterday I saw him tweet this:


1- All rape is brutal. Some more  physical and others more emotional. Sometimes it’s both physical and emotional!

2- I have it in good knowledge Lee’s visit to Steubenville was either paid for by Frank Bruzzese or one of the defense attorneys.

3- Over and over Lee has not stood up for Jane Doe. Reading his tweets it looks like he supports the defendants.

So, Steubenville before you call Lee your savior for truth, check his motives.

Is Frank funding Lee Stranahan?

Thank you to @4_freespeech for the screen shot.

Lee Stranahan Blogger, Bully, Vendettas

I often wondered since the Steubenville Rape Case began why would someone insert themselves into the case just to discredit someone who has worked hard to bring out the truth. Not only in the pursuit of justice, but to bring attention to the fact that the 15 year old suffered a horrific ordeal and found no empathy from the suspects or the other alleged boys involved.


It is well known that Lee participated in a documentary called Occupy Unmasked. I personally believe he has a vendetta against Anonymous in general. He’s tried hard to “unmask” the Anon who started #oprollredroll. (@Kyanonymous1) I have no idea why he’s tried hard to discredit all that Anonymous has either accomplished, or in this case brought to light for the entire country to see. He has kids. What if this victim was his daughter? Would he be putting Anonymous down OR praising them? I know that this victim has thanked Anonymous (#knightsec) for putting together 2 successful rallies.


He has been putting in GREAT effort to discredit the blogger prenniedidit.com. Why is he doing this after the efforts she has put in to find the story and blog about it for months BEFORE Anonymous found the story? I’m not saying everything on LocalLeaks is true, or accurate, but why would you go out of your way to find ways to discredit another blogger? Money? Attention? The fact that he himself is washed up and prennie is getting the interviews with CNN, The Today Show, The Rosanne Radio show and Dr. Phil Show? He actually wrote this on January 14th.


Facts About Lee

He solicited money online for false threats and saying he had to flee his home because he was being threatened. 



He’s a right wing sensationalist. He’s attacked The Sandy Hook Massacre, Anderson Cooper, Black Activists, Rosanne Barr, John Edwards and just about anyone who will give him attention. 

 In 2003 AND 2011 Lee had tax liens from the state of California. Odd he’s been living in New Mexico and Texas to possibly avoid paying these liens? 



Judge for yourself. I’m interested in opinions.


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