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Was Nodianos More Than Just Stupid?


Four National Organizations are calling on the Ohio Attorney General to investigate a Steubenville man who’s video was seen all over the country.
National Organization For Women, Ultraviolet, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Justice for Children, want Michael Nodianos investigated for failure to report a crime.
Nodianos is the man laughing and joking about the girl being raped in Steubenville.
His attorney, Dennis Mcnamara, said he only saw the girl leave with two individuals.

Nodianos can be seen laughing saying things like “She’s deader than Caylee Anthony” and “They raped her harder than marcellus Washington raped that one dude in Pulp Fiction” seemly acknowledging a rape took place that night.

His lawyer said it was stupid, but not a crime. He goes on to say Michael is a good kid from a good family, but made a stupid decision while drunk.

Is it a crime to not report a rape?

Busted Bitches and Internet Stalkers

BAH! Hilarious! #Steubenville

Found this on RadioNewz

This independent journalist hit the nail on the head!

Edit for the hater idiots
I do not find rape funny. If you look at the video it has not only the stuff about rape, but chief mcthonggy, robert kopras and HELLO the song is sung by the Chipmunks!
I don’t think this independent journalist meant for the video to be All serious.

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