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AMBER ALERT: Issued for missing child taken from Philadelphia school


— Police have issued an Amber
Alert for a missing girl who was
last seen being taken out of
school reportedly by someone
pretending to be the child’s

The girl is identified as 5-year-old Nailla Robinson.

Nailla is described as a black 5-year-old girl, 4 feet tall,
weighing 35 pounds, with curly
hair. She was last seen wearing
glasses, a light blue shirt, navy
blue pants, and black and hot
pink sneakers.

The incident took place at
Bryant Elementary School
located at 60th Street and
Cedar Avenue Monday

“We’re looking for my child.
Somebody came to her school
early this morning,” Nailla’s
mother Latifah Abdul-Rashid
told Action News outside the
school Monday evening.

Latifah says she dropped her
daughter off at the school at
around 8:45 a.m. along with her

“She went into school. It shows
on the school camera that she
came in, she went to her
classroom,” Latifah said.

Police and her family say
someone wearing Muslim garb
entered the school shortly after
classes got under way.

“A woman dressed in all black,
all black gloves, niqab, and
everything came in the school
and went into my child’s
classroom and told her teacher
that she was me, her mother,
and that she was taking her out
to breakfast and Nailla was
already signed out at the office
and she took my child and left,”
Latifah said.

Police say the woman knew
Nailla Robinson by name and
there was a substitute teacher
in the classroom.

The person was captured on
surveillance video around 8:50
a.m. with Nailla leaving the

“I don’t know where she is and
if anybody has seen her, please
call,” Latifah said.

The family says they were
notified of the incident at
around 2:00 p.m.

Latifah had a message for the
woman who took her child.

“Please bring my child home. I
don’t know if it was an accident
or whatever it is. Please bring
my baby home,” Latifah said.

Nailla remains missing at this
hour and family members are at
the school with police trying to
determine who may have taken
the child and where they may


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