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Ulterior Motives of Lee Stranahan


It’s now well known, Lee is Steubenville’s “white knight of truth”
Question 1- Who Paid For his trip to Steubenville?

Well, since Lee claims to be telling the truth (Aka Anonymous is making false accusations against innocent people of Steubenville)  it seems to this blogger that Lee had his trip paid for by one of 2 parties: Frank Bruzzese the ex law partner of D.A. Jane Hanlin OR one of the defense attorneys.


Question 2- What ulterior motives does Lee have for covering the Steubenville case?

In anon language he’s a provocateur.

Let’s put aside the fact that he made an anti-anonymous movie. He’s had a long-time feud with them going back to the occupy movement.
Why Steubenville? Easy answer- It gets him noticed. An objective journalist doesn’t take sides. Probably why he’s only a blogger and not a journalist.

Question 3- Is Lee blaming the victim?
Yes. In his recent tweets, Lee has stated





screen shots from mommyish.com

I’m guessing Lee has never met a rape victim or even realizes the definition of rape.
In this case, let me define it for ya Lee:
1. the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

Being in a situation where you dress a certain way, or if your drunk really has nothing to do with the act of rape.

Fact: Rape is rarely about sex. Rape is about power and rage.

Case and Point: A few years ago a young girl was gang raped at a high school homecoming dance in Richmond, California.

Absolute horrific crime. The case is so similar to the case in Steubenville, it jumped into my mind right after hearing about The Big Red Rape Case.
So many stood by, so many paticipated.
If we follow Lee Stranahan’s theory she drank, went to a dark place on the side of the school with lots of men, so she deserved it right?


What was the reason? She turned down a sexual proposition by one of the suspects.


I challenge Lee to meet a rape victim, and then claim she asked for it or she deserved it.

80% of rapes are by people the victim knows.

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